Sunday 1 January 2017

How Do You Eat an Elephant

Happy New Year!  How has your day been so far?  I hope it didn’t begin with a hangover and if it did, I will admit to feeling a bit envious.  I realise I’ve contradicted myself there. 

Something has been rattling around in my head of late.   Something besides my brain, that is.   A little thought.   As I am prone at this time of year, I like to make plans for the next 12 months.  Not big ones.   I’m all for a challenge but I also like to win sometimes.  New Year’s resolutions are a recipe for disaster and a sure-fire way to fail if you ask me.

But then I reckon it also depends on what you set your mind to and more importantly, the steps you take to making that goal happen.

Last year I decided on two things:  one was to train for and complete a 10k.   The other was to get published in some shape or form once a month.

I received a medal for being the first lady across the finish line for the 10k race and I can claim to a 70% success rate for the writing part.

As far as I am concerned, those are achievements.

This year I plan to look at something that was successful for me in 2016, examine how I did it and work at doing it again.  I also want to take an area that wasn’t so rewarding and improve on it for this year.

It helps that the areas I have mentioned above bring me immense and satisfaction so I don’t foresee many problems for 2017.

I say that now.

But I learned that little steps can earn huge rewards.    

And to answer the elephant question.   The answer is, one bite at a time.

Happy New Year.  I wish you all the best in your dreams and endeavours for 2017.