Monday 29 April 2013

What Would Steve Backshall Do?

I love that Oldest Boy is interested in wildlife and nature programmes.  I am quite fond of watching them myself. 

Currently he is adoring Steve Backshall  on the Deadly 60  series.  Like everything else kid related, you can buy little Steve Backshall microfigures  which are not unlike Lego men.  You can also get the Deadly 60 animals like eagles, sharks, killer whales and crocodiles. 

Crocodiles.  The start of the latest drama.

Apparently, and this was news to me too, Oldest Boy has been looking for the Steve Backshall wearing a green vest micro figure his “whole life!”  So imagine the absolute torture of it when Shy Boy ripped open his Deadly 60 blind bag on Sunday morning and Steve Backshall wearing a green vest tumbled out into his hand.  To add insult to injury, he had a barbed hook too!

Oldest Boy got a crocodile.  One he has already.

Let the games begin.

There was a lot of crafty bargaining done in the car on the way home, but Shy Boy, absolutely glowing with the pleasure of having a Steve Backshall mini figure all for his very own self, was not going for the swap.

In between packing the shopping away and going to a birthday party, Oldest Boy got his way and they traded Deadly 60 items.

Shy Boy approached me and asked if I would glue the tail onto the crocodile as it kept falling off. 

I promised I would.  And I did.

Big mistake.  Huge!

The second trade off began when Shy Boy tired of his boring old crocodile and wanted his vest wearing Steve Backshall returned to him.

But Oldest Boy, absolutely glowing with the pleasure of having two Steve Backshall models all for his very own self, was not going for the swap.

In between making the lunches and sorting out uniforms for the morning and getting them ready for bed, I stepped in and handed each boy their original Deadly 60 figurine.

I did, however, tell Oldest Boy that Shy Boy would tire of Steve Backshall before bedtime and he could have him then.

Didn’t happen.  But Oldest Boy took matters into his own hands and crept into his brother’s bedroom to retrieve Steve Backshall himself. 

Only to have him returned to his rightful owner this morning.

Then it started. He spotted the tail glued onto the crocodile and in no uncertain terms let his annoyance be known.

“The whole POINT of Lego is to build and REBUILD!  How can I do that now?”

I thought it best not to point out that it wasn’t Lego.  Actually.

The school run was painful.  There was a strong attempt made to cheer him up when we got out of the car.  It didn’t look like it was working.  He wasn’t letting this one go.  Especially as Shy Boy skipped on in with Steve Backshall and his barbed hook clutched in his hands,

It was home for me where I desperately tried to surgically separate the tail from the crocodile. 

Upon goggling it, I decided against using nail polish remover as the acetone can discolour some items. 

I filled a cup with some boiling water and threw the croc in for a swim.  Boiling water can soften the glue and with a little gentle persuasion, separate whatever you want removed.

Five minutes later saw me looking at an amputee - the crocodile’s tail was in my hand but the stump was firmly stuck in the hole.  


I remembered the forgotten crocodile Oldest Boy already has.  Also with his tail glued on.
I re-glued the amputee and left him to dry.

The other crocodile is sitting on an upturned wine glass and I am going to ask permission this time before I apply the nail polish remover.  After explaining what can happen.

But first I will ask, “What would Steve Backshall do?”

Friday 26 April 2013

Ray D'Arcy, an Electric Fence and The Return of Green Baby

I would just like to share a couple of things with you tonight that during the week made me smile, laugh out loud till I cried and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I didn’t see the original you tube clip but Ray D’Arcy (I think I might love him actually) has done his own take on the Bus Stop Dancing Lady in Ranelagh.  Fair play to him.  He’s game for a laugh and my only regret is that I wasn’t a passer-by because I would have danced alongside him.

Some of my younger sisters are a bit mad.  I am sure I haven’t heard about half of the stuff 
they got up to in their hey day but one of their many, many madcap antics involved daring each other to touch an electric fence.  There was no shortage of those around us when we were growing up.  I had a right old laugh at this clip today, so much so that I actually cried a little bit and then the boys clustered round to see what all the fuss was about.  Bad language and all, I left the sound on as it all adds to it.  And anyway, it is not words that are bad, but the way they can be used to hurt. 

A blogger friend of mine posted the most adorable, gorgeous post during the week.  Just take a look at The Return of Green Baby   and put yourself in that little boy's shoes.  I promise, you will go aaawwwwww.  

Have a lovely, lovely weekend.  And whatever you are up to, keep safe.  

Monday 22 April 2013

Monday with Pictures. Date Night

It was Saturday night and Mister Husband threw a casual “would you eat a take-out later on?” at me followed by “and maybe have a glass of wine with it?”

Would I what?

“Who’s buying?”  I asked. 

Mister Husband was.  Naturally.

Who said romance is dead?

Once upon a time date night involved a very different mating ritual.  The night before would have seen the stringent application of fake tan and at least a half an hour with the hair straighteners. 

A couple of hours before the date itself make-up would be applied and nice clothes selected the night before donned.


The date itself could involve a meal, a few drinks in the pub, and a trip to the cinema.   

Maybe even all three.  The choices were endless.

And possible.

This night however, not so much.

First of all there were a couple of pesky kids still knocking around.

On his way out the door to collect the meal, I was issued with a sarcastic, “clear off that table and stick a candle on it.  I’ll be back in twenty minutes.”

Who said romance is dead?

On the menu, in case you are wondering, was a yellow Thai chicken curry and some other yoke Mister Husband ordered.  And the bottle of wine. 

Lovely Liam was refusing to retire for the evening.  When he saw me putting cutlery and bowls on the table he was definitely suspicious.

“Is it breakfast time?”  He asked.

I didn’t have the energy to argue with him so I told him what his parents were up to and would he like some.

“I will have a taste.”  Was his answer. 

No fear of him ever being poisoned. 

Mister Husband returned home and almost instantly there was the distinct thump of feet hitting the floor above us and then on the stairs.

“Oh, come on then,” sez Mister Husband. “You might as well have some too.”

Oldest Boy came bounding in, delighted to be included.

In the end, this is what date night looked like.

Couldn't even get them to sit at the table.

You can’t see her in the picture, but Juno was there too.  Begging for prawn crackers. 

Friday 19 April 2013

The Time my Sisters BoyManFriend Bench Pressed Jason Byrne

Did I ever tell you about the time my sister’s BoyMan Friend bench pressed Jason Byrne?


Right, I will so.

Basically each year comedians worth their salt descend upon the County of Kilkenny for a festival called The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival during the first weekend in June each year. 

You know, as is he (or she, of course) is so funny he (or she) could make a cat laugh.

My sister entered a competition on the Today FM Ray D’Arcy Show last year where she had to retell a My Most Embarrassing Incident story and guess what? 

She won a ticket for herself and her BoyMan Friend to be a member of the audience at an outside broadcast during the festival. 

An Irish comedian be the name of Jason Byrne was on the show and the conversation came round to gym bunnies. 

My sister and her BoyMan Friend were in the front seats. 

The big licks!

Did they not know from school that they best seats are down the back. 

Way down the back. 

Anyway, Jason’s gimlet eyes rested on my sisters BoyMan Friends impressive muskles and he zoned in on his prey. 

Challenged Mark to a bench press contest so he did and Mark accepted. 

He bench pressed Jason Byrne. 

No bother to him. 

And if you still don’t believe me, I found it on Facetube for your easy reference.

Because I couldn’t have you going looking for it yourself, now could I? 

No cats or Irish comedians were harmed in the making of this post

Monday 15 April 2013

Monday with Pictures. Essential Oils

When I was pregnant second time round I treated myself to a luxurious four week course of reflexology. 

You know, where you pay someone money to rub your feet. 

Except it’s not that at all.  No, siree.  It is money well spent to recline on a padded couch, covered with a snuggly blanket, soft music playing,  a beautiful scent in the air and someone rubbing your feet.

Reflexology is uh-may-zing.  It is used and indeed recommended for stress relief, it also improves circulation and stimulates the immune system plus increases energy, to name but a few benefits.

In my case it was pregnancy reflexology I was enjoying.  It helps all the above plus a myriad of other pregnancy complaints such as headaches, constipation and haemorrhoids. 

In my case I was after a *quick delivery following a dainty sneeze. 

I once fell asleep in a yoga class.  Panned out on the floor cooling down from a strenuous hour of deep breathing and stretching our muscles, I was wrecked.  Someone pinched my big toe and I woke up with an embarrassed jolt. 

My instructor was only delighted with me as falling asleep during the cooling down part is the ultimate compliment, apparently. 

I’ll take her word for it.  Personally I wouldn’t like it if someone fell asleep on me during class.

Each to their own.

My worry this time round was snoring and/or drooling during a reflexology session.

In case you weren’t aware, snoring during pregnancy is very common.  All down to nasal congestion and weight gain.  Because, you know, none of us stay skeletal during pregnancy.

And yes, I fell asleep on the reflexologists table.  And I snored.  I also drooled a little bit.  I didn’t have to be woken up. I heard my own self snoring.    

The least of my worries, I think you will agree.  I was about to have my second child.  Snoring and drooling in the presence of others doesn’t even come close to losing your dignity.

So yes, the beautiful smells in the room. I discovered them in a little box under my sink the other day.  I would ask the reflexologist what they were and go out and buy them.

I have geranium which is good for relieving stress and mild depression.  It also knocks PMS, anxiety and tension on the head.  Great stuff altogether.

Next one I had forgotten all about is Lemongrass.  Good for nervousness (remember I was about to give birth), relieving fatigue and energising a lethargic mind.  Can also be used as an insect repellent. (And if you are of a mind, Lemongrass is also a dee-licious Asian restaurant.  Much nicer altogether than the essential oil)

Bergamot oil was next.  This one should be used if you are feeling fed up, have respiratory problems or a cold.  This bottle was almost empty.  Ahem.

In the bottom of the box nestled lavender oil and I think we all know how this is widely used for relaxing.

There were also a couple of Christmas smelling ones. 

Once upon a time I loved the smell of these oils.  I really did.  I thought they were gorgeous.

But something funny has happened.  Now they all smell like wee!  Even Lovely Liam came into the kitchen one morning and declared,  “something stinks in here!”

I’m still not sure if he was referring to the burner I had just lit or to the stink that is currently in the kitchen.  The one I am trying to source.

Until then I will continue to disguise it by burning essential oils that smell like urine.

As you do.

*didn’t quite get the dainty birth I was after but it was pretty cool all the same.  No time for pain relief which I was looking for, and he was born within an hour of reaching the hospital.