Friday 31 May 2013

This Time Last Week

This time last week I didn’t know that I would be nervous putting a cake in the oven.  It was my first attempt at making a chocolate beetroot cake and it just didn’t look right in its raw state. 

This time last week, I didn’t know a socket chisel was.  *Still not sure* but it’s the Ferrari of chisels by all accounts. 

I didn’t know there were lizards out there that could shoot blood from their eyes to scare away predators.  I thought Oldest Boy would be thrilled at this gory little nugget of nature information.  He wasn’t.  He knew it already.

This time last week I didn’t know there was a cure (almost) for cold sores.   

I didn’t know I would be slathering sun block on the kids one day and sending them to school in raincoats the next. 

This time last week I didn’t know the cookies I wasn’t too fond of would suddenly become irresistible to me.  It’s the coconut.  Apparently it and my taste buds had a falling out but they’ve kissed and made up.

This time last week I was very very close to knocking the whole writing thing on the head altogether.  A year and a half of relentless blogging and then!  Then!  Some very good news indeed.  A little lift to keep me going for another while.

This time last week I didn’t know there was going to be a mini heat wave for the weekend.  Bring out the BBQ’s folks.  It’s to last till Monday at least. 

This time last week I didn’t know it would take me 6 days to come out of yet another funk.  But it did take that long and I did come out of it.  Thursday evening, I could literally feel the heaviness roll off my shoulders and the crossness, resentment and frustration melt above my head.  Good riddance.

This time last week I didn’t know Ireland would experience its very own earthquake.  Did the earth move for you?  Or did your garden furniture just fall over?   

This time last week the weather wasn’t good enough to paint toenails outside.  Both mine and Smallest Boys.

This time last week the boys were all chat about Epic, the latest film from the makers of Ice Age.  Going to the cinema is a real treat in this house and we are one boy away from bringing them all.  Tomorrow I will bring the oldest three.  The best bit is I haven’t told them yet!  Yay!

This time last week, it was Friday too!  Have a lovely weekend folks!

Monday 27 May 2013

A Bargain!

I love a bargain.  I mean a real, honest to god, as I live and breathe bargain.  Not something reduced to less than half price and I might find a use for it.

Something that is good value for money and will be used/worn and/or eaten.

Like when my current favourite wine is on offer at €8 a bottle.  I buy two.  One for me and one for later.

I found a pair of pyjamas for Oldest Boy a couple of weeks ago reduced from €13 to just €5.  And what’s more, they were Star Trek pyjamas.  Bargain!

On the same rail I discovered a jumper for Lovely Liam reduced to €3!  Shur, I couldn't leave it there.

They were bargains because the price was amazing and I was looking for pyjamas anyway as being the oldest in the family, Oldest Boy always gets the new duds.

Lovely Liam is the same height as his five year old brother and I was dangerously close to running out of clothes for them both so the €3 jumper was a find.

Once upon a time I never, ever returned from a shopping spree without a new lipstick.  I had a little basket that was overflowing and in true I know what I like form, I only ever wore the same shade all the time.

These days my little treat to myself is a new nail colour.  

My colours live in this box!

Some of my colours!

Except for this one time when I was in our local German supermarket.

This one time not too long ago when I treated myself to a tree.

A Japanese Acer to be exact. 

I believe in being kind to myself and we had enough nappies so it was still a bargain at only €20.

And it’ll look lovely in our garden.

See?  Gorgeous!

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Frankenweenie Review

The boys have watched many things, over and over again.  One of them is Tim Burton’s 2012 animation, Frankenweenie.

In true Tim Burton form, Frankenweenie is the charmingly, weird tale of how Victor’s beloved pet dog Sparky, is accidentally run over one day.  Victor brings Sparky back to life using what he learned during a science experiment in school. But not without disastrous and monstrous consequences.

The film features the voice talents of Charlie Tahan who plays Victor.

One of my favourite actresses from teenager hood is Winona Ryder and she lends her dulcet tones to the character Elsa van Helsing.

And of course Sparky as well, Sparky.

The following is Oldest Boy’s (7 years) review of the film.

What’s it about?  Victor’s dog gets hit by a car and he tries to bring him back to life by giving him electric shocks.  His friend finds out and steals his idea and they go to the pet cemetery.  They take back their animals and bring them back to life too.  But it doesn’t work. 

Was it scary?  A little.  The ending was scary because they went back to the cemetery.

What was your favourite part?  When Victor’s friend Edgar gets a dead goldfish and tells Victor to bring him back to life.  I like this because they made the fish invisible and it didn’t turn out the same as Sparky the dog. 

Did you like it?  Yes!

Would people like to watch it?  Yes.

Did it make you angry, sad, scared, worried, laugh, cry or happy?  Angry when the bat took Sparky. It was sad when Sparky died. I got a fright when the rat jumped up really fast. I wasn’t worried because Iarla told me everything that was going to happen.  It wasn’t a funny kind of movie. No!  I didn’t cry!  The ending was happy when they got Sparky back again.

My absolute favourite bit is the song Strange Love by Karen O when the credits are rolling. 

Monday 20 May 2013

Monday with Pictures. Say What???????

So I’ve already had a blog pop at random people wanting to kiss my two year old.  A lot of you admired my restraint over that.

Wait till you hear about this one!  Mind boggling.

That bar was raised one thousand per cent last Friday.

Smallest Boy did himself an impressive injury 5 weeks ago – almost lost a fingertip in the front door. 

He had a bandage on it that was bigger than his entire hand but we are now down to a regular band aid job.

I am actually trying to wean him off his plaster.  I kid you not.  He is “minding” himself and still getting great mileage from his affliction.

He doesn’t need any encouragement and will show his finger to everyone and anyone the first chance he gets.

Getting away with flipping the bird while he can, I suppose.

Except Friday morning.  He was minding his own business.  Content to sit on the step and wait as I paid for my purchases.

Then the girl who was serving me spotted his plaster.

If I can go off on a slight, but relevant tangent here.  Are any of you familiar with that Irish Mammy whimsy of old when a newborn cries and the granny/older relative asks, “Did Mammy pinch you?  Did she?”


Well, this is what the shop assistant asked my two year old.

“What happened to your finger?  Did your mammy do that?  Did she?  Did she do that with a knife?”

For the second time in as many weeks, when someone tried to kiss my child or they said something totally inappropriate to him, I was struck dumb.

I do a great goldfish impersonation.

She wasn’t finished.

“Will I call the guards on her?  Hmmmmmm?  Will I?” 


And to make matters worse, the little traitor was staring adoringly up at her, gone straight into full on flirt mode, nodding his head furiously along with everything she was saying to him and whole heartedly agreeing with his little “umm hmmmm” for yes sound.