Monday 27 May 2013

A Bargain!

I love a bargain.  I mean a real, honest to god, as I live and breathe bargain.  Not something reduced to less than half price and I might find a use for it.

Something that is good value for money and will be used/worn and/or eaten.

Like when my current favourite wine is on offer at €8 a bottle.  I buy two.  One for me and one for later.

I found a pair of pyjamas for Oldest Boy a couple of weeks ago reduced from €13 to just €5.  And what’s more, they were Star Trek pyjamas.  Bargain!

On the same rail I discovered a jumper for Lovely Liam reduced to €3!  Shur, I couldn't leave it there.

They were bargains because the price was amazing and I was looking for pyjamas anyway as being the oldest in the family, Oldest Boy always gets the new duds.

Lovely Liam is the same height as his five year old brother and I was dangerously close to running out of clothes for them both so the €3 jumper was a find.

Once upon a time I never, ever returned from a shopping spree without a new lipstick.  I had a little basket that was overflowing and in true I know what I like form, I only ever wore the same shade all the time.

These days my little treat to myself is a new nail colour.  

My colours live in this box!

Some of my colours!

Except for this one time when I was in our local German supermarket.

This one time not too long ago when I treated myself to a tree.

A Japanese Acer to be exact. 

I believe in being kind to myself and we had enough nappies so it was still a bargain at only €20.

And it’ll look lovely in our garden.

See?  Gorgeous!

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