About Me

So, who am I? On a good day, I’m a calm, if somewhat stressed, stay at home mother to four boy children, a Mister Husband and a dog.  Fluent in three languages, English, bitching and moaning, I am partial to chocolate, a few glasses of white wine and nail varnish.  

I also admire a good eyebrow mainly because mine are in short supply.  I like to mainline the Australian soap Home and Away with said wine on Saturday nights when the boys have gone to bed.

Currently I am making a mindful effort not to sweat the small stuff and trying to wean myself off shouting at the boys!

This blog is my attempt at recording the mayhem that is my life with the intention of reading back over it in my Autumnal years and laughing.  Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, right?

Disclaimer:  My boys are the best thing that ever happened to me.  Everything I say should be taken with a liberal pinch of salt.  

If you feel like it, you can follow me on twitter @wonderfulwagon  I can also be reached at gwendy@wonderfulwagon.com

Freelance Writing

My work has appeared in Easy Parenting magazine, Mums & Tots magazine, The Irish Examiner, Maternity & Infant and Mothers and Babies supplement with the Irish Independent.   


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