Monday 15 April 2013

Monday with Pictures. Essential Oils

When I was pregnant second time round I treated myself to a luxurious four week course of reflexology. 

You know, where you pay someone money to rub your feet. 

Except it’s not that at all.  No, siree.  It is money well spent to recline on a padded couch, covered with a snuggly blanket, soft music playing,  a beautiful scent in the air and someone rubbing your feet.

Reflexology is uh-may-zing.  It is used and indeed recommended for stress relief, it also improves circulation and stimulates the immune system plus increases energy, to name but a few benefits.

In my case it was pregnancy reflexology I was enjoying.  It helps all the above plus a myriad of other pregnancy complaints such as headaches, constipation and haemorrhoids. 

In my case I was after a *quick delivery following a dainty sneeze. 

I once fell asleep in a yoga class.  Panned out on the floor cooling down from a strenuous hour of deep breathing and stretching our muscles, I was wrecked.  Someone pinched my big toe and I woke up with an embarrassed jolt. 

My instructor was only delighted with me as falling asleep during the cooling down part is the ultimate compliment, apparently. 

I’ll take her word for it.  Personally I wouldn’t like it if someone fell asleep on me during class.

Each to their own.

My worry this time round was snoring and/or drooling during a reflexology session.

In case you weren’t aware, snoring during pregnancy is very common.  All down to nasal congestion and weight gain.  Because, you know, none of us stay skeletal during pregnancy.

And yes, I fell asleep on the reflexologists table.  And I snored.  I also drooled a little bit.  I didn’t have to be woken up. I heard my own self snoring.    

The least of my worries, I think you will agree.  I was about to have my second child.  Snoring and drooling in the presence of others doesn’t even come close to losing your dignity.

So yes, the beautiful smells in the room. I discovered them in a little box under my sink the other day.  I would ask the reflexologist what they were and go out and buy them.

I have geranium which is good for relieving stress and mild depression.  It also knocks PMS, anxiety and tension on the head.  Great stuff altogether.

Next one I had forgotten all about is Lemongrass.  Good for nervousness (remember I was about to give birth), relieving fatigue and energising a lethargic mind.  Can also be used as an insect repellent. (And if you are of a mind, Lemongrass is also a dee-licious Asian restaurant.  Much nicer altogether than the essential oil)

Bergamot oil was next.  This one should be used if you are feeling fed up, have respiratory problems or a cold.  This bottle was almost empty.  Ahem.

In the bottom of the box nestled lavender oil and I think we all know how this is widely used for relaxing.

There were also a couple of Christmas smelling ones. 

Once upon a time I loved the smell of these oils.  I really did.  I thought they were gorgeous.

But something funny has happened.  Now they all smell like wee!  Even Lovely Liam came into the kitchen one morning and declared,  “something stinks in here!”

I’m still not sure if he was referring to the burner I had just lit or to the stink that is currently in the kitchen.  The one I am trying to source.

Until then I will continue to disguise it by burning essential oils that smell like urine.

As you do.

*didn’t quite get the dainty birth I was after but it was pretty cool all the same.  No time for pain relief which I was looking for, and he was born within an hour of reaching the hospital. 


  1. Love aromatherapy. I've been using different flvours to remove the smell of cooking in my house. Cheaper than an extractor fan ;) Thanks for the reflexology- you reminded me of a desire to pay someone to rub my feet.

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