Monday 1 April 2013

Monday with Pictures. My Night Out Moment

So I Don’t Get Out Much.  I had three nights over Christmas and one since, but who’s counting?

When the opportunity arose on Easter Saturday for me to partake in a glass of Guinness or ten, I jumped, leapt, at the chance.

There was going to be me, my 6 sisters plus friends, cousins and in-laws.  We had all the bases covered.

There was a moment of blind panic/extreme annoyance when my dress didn’t fit properly due to some bloat, (I really dislike bloating!) but I had treated myself to an hour in the hairdressers and was not going to resort to jeans.

I threw on a grey cardigan ensemble with leather detail, a pair of killer heels and off I went.

In fact Mister Husband very kindly suggested at 7pm that I head over to the girls a bit early, and that was all the encouragement I needed. 

I drink Guinness these days as mentioned above.  I enjoy a glass or two of wine before I leave the house but as it is not a good idea, nor is it a good look for me to stick with the grape, the black stuff is my preferred drink.

Velvety goodness.

It really really was perfect

The pub was lovely.  Not half as messy or as busy as I thought it was going to be for an Easter Saturday.  It is fair to say that we raised the average age by about fifteen years, however.  Easily.  

But again, who’s counting?

We had lovely chats about life, exercise and everything in between.  I also signed myself up, properly, for the Dragon Boat Race on the May bank holiday weekend.

Row, row, row your Dragon Boat

And all the while the Guinness flowed.  Great company and a tasty beverage.

Happy days.

And every evening/day/gathering should have its wow moment. A feel good, endorphin burst of happiness.

In Ireland it is genetically and socially unheard of for a female to go to the bathroom alone.

So my latrine buddy was my sister. Who is almost thirty. This bit is directly linked to the title of this post.  And, it must be said, my ego.

As my sister was exiting her cubicle and I was entering mine, another girl was vacating hers.  She stopped dead in all of her blonde, lovely figure, twenty something year old tracks and eyeballed us both.

“Oh. My. God!” She declared dramatically.  (Quote of the evening alert) “It’s like watching the same person go in there twice!”

“Oh. My. God” I replied and I swear I was not drunk.  I swear it! “I love you”!

“Oh. Thanks. A. Bunch!” My sister snarled.  (She didn’t really, but it sounds better if I put it 
like that) “I don’t love you!  She’s ten years older than me!”

Yes.  It was a great night!


  1. Ha, I need a night out like that!!!!!!

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