Monday 14 April 2014

Monday, Monday. So Good to Me.

A day by any other name would still be today.  Let's call it Monday.  Because it is Monday.  And most importantly the first day of the Easter holidays.

I took a few random photographs throughout and as I snapped the last ones, I thought they kind of, perfectly summed up the day we had in the Wonderful Wagon household.

So I thought I would share them with you.    

Lovely Liam planted some daffodil bulbs in an abandoned grape container and I thought it might be a nice project for him to take a photo every second day or so.  He took this one early this morning.  He keeps forgetting to take the follow ups.

I was more than pleasantly surprised to see the Awesome Foursome pulling out pages and their colouring stuff.   They spent a lot of time drawing and one may have scribbled with gay abandon but they all had a great time.   Shy Boy decided to chart his crafts in Minecraft.  I love these because he is at the stage where he spells everything phonetically.  "Yuzing ha pen" is Using a pen.  "Bucitt" is Bucket and "Hllmit" is Helmet.  

Wasn't the weather glorious?  Our lovely girl doggy Juno is jet black and finds the heat difficult.  She came into the house several times before dinner to collapse onto the floor and pant to cool herself down.  I find it alarming to watch.  So I was very mean and snuck off (is that even a real word?) without her for a run at lunchtime.  She is really not able for runs when the sun is out. I can't believe I am talking about the heat of the sun in April!!!

See?  Basking before retiring indoors to the shade.

Anyhoo, on my return, Mister Husband had pitched a tent for the boys.  They spent most of the afternoon in it.  

What goes hand in hand with sunny weather?  Ice-cream!  You cannot go wrong with these from Lidl.  1 litre tubs of vanilla and chocolate with decent chocolate chips.  Deliciously creamy and tasty!  Seriously good quality ice-cream for, if I recall, €3.29, a tub.  

And siestas.  Lovely, lovely siestas.  As much as the small ones need their down-time, the mammies need their down-time too.  Smallest Boy is stretching his naps further and further.  Some days he doesn't have one at all but by 5pm it is a real effort to keep him awake.  Today he plonked himself onto a chair and was showing his sleepy signs so I carted him up and deposited him into his cot.  He didn't even twitch when I took this picture.  Out. For. The Count!

If I had to pick a favourite feature in our house I think it would be the stairs.  I really like the window here but if I could do it all over again, I would do something about the half landing and how it completely obscures the window.  It really screws with my chakra's, so it does.  I do a little mental "nnngggghhhhh" every time I look at it.   But focusing on the positive, I love the light and how it beams in.     

My day in a few random photos.  I hope yours went well and you got several long moments to spend out in the sunshine!

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