Friday 11 July 2014

The Monster Splash

The actual pool with the actual pirate ship.  K Leisure Athy
Another time we were in the swimming pool.  Incidentally it was the first time we visited since finally signing up for membership which means we can go every day during the summer holidays if we want.

We will want.

The boys were very excited to hear this.  I made sure to tell them lots of times about our membership as signing up means there will be a tidy sum of money removed from my bank account each and every month for the foreseeable and dang it, I want value for my money.  Lots of value for my money.

On this Sunday afternoon however, our session was coming to an end and it was time to haul ourselves out, have a shower and go home.    

The life guards chose that precise moment to drag out the massive inflatable pirate ship that is the infamous Monster Splash.  It is essentially a bouncy castle on water.  Cue massive excitement.  Cue massive fun altogether. 

Cue a massive pain in the arse!

Like the mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean every kid in the pool was drawn to the side where they could watch, mesmerised, as this massive piece of rubber and its inflatable thingy were rolled out.

We had been in the water long enough for Oldest Boy to develop a blue rim around his lips.  It was as if someone had taken a magic marker and drawn on him.  He was also vibrating with cold.  The deflated pirate ship lay on the floor.  It wasn’t even plugged in.

I managed to get them out of the water with the promise of a return the next day when it was fully inflated and at the due Monster Splash time of 4pm and they could have a go on it then.

I believe it’s called bribery with hot chocolate.

Just as we were in the showers the lifeguards decided to plug the inflatable thingy in and perform the kiss of life on the pirate ship. 

My kids were aghast. Right before their widening eyes, the pirate ship was slowing coming to life. 

They’re blowing it up! Can we go back in?  Please?  Please?  You promised we could.

I reminded them the promise was for the following day and there was a hot chocolate waiting for them at home.  With marshmallows.

They weren’t buying it. They wanted to go on it now!

The whinging and moaning and complaining continued well into the changing room.  I reminded them that I had just signed us all up for membership and what it meant.  Reminded them how excited they were to hear about this in the first place.

“This is the worst day of my life.”  And the award for Dramatic Moaney Hole goes to…………”I was doing my best to be happy and then you go and reverse it on me!”

The other little shite ingrate turned to him and gravely intoned, “Don’t ever trust an adult.  Just. Don’t.  Ever!  They will always let you down.

So the Monster Splash.  Great fun.  For all the family.  I highly recommend it.  In fact, take out a membership.  Go on!  You won’t regret it.


  1. Nobody does venom in disappointment like kids! Hope you're enjoying your membership!

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  3. hahah! The story of an exasperated but doting mother! This sounds like something a teenager would love to go on! I have a membership to the pool club in my city but it doesnt have an inflatable pirate ship,sadly!

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