Tuesday 14 July 2015

Summer Holidays to the Beach Countdown

Day 1 observations:  I am beginning to hate the word "Mammy."  I am that mother who buys her kids super soakers but refuses to fill the baby bath with water.  Never mind.  I availed of the wine special offer at the supermarket.

Day 2 observations:  I have hidden the Xbox controls but the little fuckers keep sneaking the tablet.  One boy has taken the top off his toe – think boiled egg – I’m pretty good with steri-strips so he’s grand.  Never mind.  There’s lots of wine left.

Day 3 observations:  I am also that mother who allowed her 4 year old to sleep for three hours but dragged the 6 year old off the couch to prevent him from nodding off.   Wine will dull that forthcoming pain.  Mine.  Not his.  I’m not that bad!

Day 4 observations:  yes, I am she.  She who has all of the uniforms washed and packed away for next year.  The school books are bought, covered and in the (washed) schoolbags too.  The boy who needs red pens has those and the boy who needs glue sticks (all of the boys) have those too.  I am on fire this summer.  I intend to continue to be smug with a glass of wine.  There’s still some left.

Day 5 observations.  My apologies Sally Hansen, I am a fickle friend.  I have discovered Cocoa Brown and I think I la-la-la-like it.  In fact I love it.  If you are ghostly white like me, you can get away with leaving it on overnight and not end up oompa-loompa’d the next day.  And it does last for the promised 5 days.    The wine’s all gone.

Day 6 observations.  Why does packing for our 7 days in Rosslare break me out in hives?  I have an excellent check list – one I have managed to narrow down to the absolute necessities over the years, yet somehow the toasted sandwich maker makes its first appearance.  The toasted sandwich maker!  The wine is still all gone.

Day 7 observations.  Excitement levels are off the Richter scale.  Today is the day we are going on our summer holidays to Rosslare, Co. Wexford.  Our Juno girly has emptied her bladder all over the place from sheer excitement/stress.  She cannot come with us.  Where is the wine when I bloody well need one???   

We’re here.  We’re actually on our holidays and the reviews are in less than 6 hours after arriving.

“You are the best mammy and daddy in the whole world. Thank god I’m your child.” 
“This is the best holiday ever!” (We had just gotten out of the car.)
And finally “Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”

Cripes.  No pressure then...

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  1. I lost our school uniform on the last day of school. Must actually look for it. Hope you have a fab holiday!