Thursday 15 September 2016

Genie In My Kitchen

This evening one of the boys asked what would I wish for if a genie appeared.  I told him the genie would consider my ask to be very boring and unoriginal because it would be to keep everyone in my family happy and healthy.   That’s where he cut me right off.

“Would you not just ask for infinity wishes then?  That way you could get loads of stuff.”

A very valid point.  I didn’t bother to tell him that I don’t actually want “loads of stuff” because   wanting LOS (Loads of Stuff) is what kids are all about.  It is the very essence of their being.  The more stuff the better.  His eyes were lit up with the list of LOS he wanted should this genie appear. 

We had a small chat about it but then he became distracted by a game that his brothers were involved in so he skipped off.    Leaving me to consider the genie. 

I spoke the truth when I mentioned my lack of interest in LOS.  Realising that in itself made me happy.  I’m grand the way I am, thanks.  But sometimes it’s nice to daydream.  To let your imagination run wild.  And as I messed about with the tea towel and dishes, I let my mind wander a little. 

Inserting caveat here.    If a genie did appear in my kitchen (because where else would I be?) and absolutely insisted that he (why are they always of the male variety?) bestow upon me a wish, it would truly be for continued good health and happiness for my family.

And if the genie were to eyeball me cynically and insist that I request something small for myself, I might ask for lots of books.  Perhaps maybe half a dozen to arrive through my letter box each month to keep me going.

And if the genie were to consider this a little too dry and boring a desire, that I must make this visit worth his while and be a little unconventional with my demands, I might chance my arm and ask to be two inches taller.  It would lengthen everything else, you see.  Make that pesky half stone that refuses to bugger off, less noticeable. 

And as a reward for playing the game properly, if the genie were to reward me with a bonus wish, I might remember the lesson learned and ask for something even more lofty and slightly out of reach.   I think I’d go for a chef.   Someone to call to the house, just a couple of evenings a week, with a box of delicious food, similar to the menu in my favourite Thai restaurant, and cook up a storm.  I’d even clean up afterwards.   I might ask for that. 

But in the meantime, I’ll settle for exactly what I have, thank you very much,  

Health and happiness. 

Health & Happiness


  1. Love this!!! The difference between want and need is lost on youth...I hope your wishes come true ( even the bonus ones X)

  2. You kids are doing really well to make you happy and I think that is what a mother desires. Loved the story and happening that you quoted by the way.