Saturday 3 December 2016

A Possible Christmas Unveiling!

Do you think there is a small chance that a bored child will wander about looking for something to do when his brothers are off playing rugby and he left his PS Vita in the car?

Most definitely.

Do you think it’s a good idea to leave keys to a locked press hanging up where small hands can reach?

The keys to a locked press where the santy loot is stashed?

I don’t.

Do you think when that child appears and says he was looking for his remote-control helicopter in the locked press, took down the keys and put them in the door but did not turn them and did not open the door that he is telling the truth?

I don’t!

And do you think that when you go upstairs trying not to run and trying not to let panic show on your face and find that the keys are exactly as he said – in the door - and the door is closed but not properly, do you think he was trying to cover his tracks?

I do!

I definitely do!

Do you think there is a tiny chance that he might have opened the door because, you know, he had no reason not to, he knew his toy was in there, but didn’t know the Santy stash was, do you think maybe he saw everything and closed over the door in a panic and came downstairs.

I do!

Do you think he went to lengths to tell me that he did not open the door but only put the keys in the lock to cover his tracks but in the telling of it, gave the game away on himself entirely?




And do you think his mother was an utter gobshite for not taking down the keys, the ones that hang on the same hook from one end of the year to the next, but she should have for the time of year that was in it and maybe put them somewhere else?




  1. I do too!!!!! Ha ha ha.....If it's any consolation, I found out about Santa when I was 7 years old, when my friend and neighbour showed me their hotpress full of all the presents. And I happily played along for years after that.

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