Friday 24 February 2012

Keep on Running. Week 1

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Or at least for the next 6 weeks anyway.  I have been bullied into registering for the SPAR and Ray for 5k.   This delightful little exercise in torture is 5 runs in 5 locations with Ray D’Arcy of Today FM. Everyone and anyone can run it.  The one I have been hectored into is in the Phoenix Park on April 6th.  Good Friday if you don’t mind.  Already there is nothing good about it.  Once again, I opened my gob and words came out of it.  It seems I spoke a little too much at length about my book de jour; Run Fat B!tch Run. I know, I know, shut up about it!  Lookit, even if you have no intentions of getting up off that couch, go and read the book.  It is highly recommended and you’ll have it read in one night.  Two of my many sisters were obviously listening to me boring on about it as they have jumped onto my RFBR band wagon.  I just wish they brought coffee!  So Ruth Field, that’s 3 people, count them, three, from the one family who have read your book.  Two copies bought, 3 readers and today my own mother expressed an interest in reading it.  One of my sisters has been training for a long time already.  Jumping on her bike and completing 10k in 45 minutes is nothing to her.  She already does the 5k run with TriAthy of a Sunday morning.  (Bitch!)  My other sister is a walking wonder and has been known to visit the gym on regular occasion.  I’m still very much a learner runner.  But so far, so very good.  I’m really enjoying it.  I have mild concerns about my poor joints and how they might seek active retribution in my autumnal years.  But I’m swallowing calcium supplements in an effort to combat a possible strike later on.  At the moment I am managing (just!) 3.2k.  It’s door to door and I am aware that it’s under the target but I’ve come a long way.  Seven months ago I was taking a left at my front gate, walking 10 minutes and then taking 15 to get back home.  Granted Screecher Creature No. 4 was only 3 months old but the first time I literally turned that corner at the top of the road, walked out onto the main road and completed the circle home, was a very good day.  Now I’m running that circuit in 23 – 25 minutes with one brief walking break.  I suppose the Phoenix Park is my goal.  Aren’t you supposed to always have a fresh and vibrant carrot dangling on the end of your stick?  I was of 2 very large minds about my first run.  Admittedly the venue was a big spanner in the works for me. I’m a breastfeeding mother so I wasn’t keen on the Dublin location.  I began to think about the logistics. Brendan will be 11 months old at the time of the run, he’ll eat most anything put in front of him but my body doesn’t know that.  It’s not called supply and demand for nothing and if I don’t feed him, I get a tad uncomfortable.  Not very conducive to running.  Then it was pointed out to me that it’s a family day and Mister Husband would be more than welcome and he could mind the charges whilst I charge around the Phoenix Park.  My next cop-out was I’m scared; I’m only able for 3.2k at the moment.  Cyclist Sister wasn’t letting me off the hook.  You’ll be grand, she sez, think how great you’ll feel at the end of it and anyway, you’ve a whole 6 weeks to up your game.  Plus, she went on; it’s for everyone at all fitness levels.  See?  Bullied into it.  And at that point I could feel little flutters of excitement burgeoning.  Maybe it was possible.  Maybe I could do this.  I clicked onto the Today FM website and one little detail clinched it for me.  You get a t-shirt. In your goody bag! Ok, I fired off a quick text to Cyclist Sister before I could change my mind, sign me up.    There’s no turning back now.  I’m registered.  I’m afeared.  And I’m excited all at the same time.  Ruth Field, author of Run Fat B!tch Run, methinks you have created a monster!!           


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