Friday 9 March 2012

Keep on Running. Week 3. Set Back

I knew it was going to happen.  The Good Book, Run Fat B!tch Run! said it would so I was prepared in a sticking my head in the sand, it’ll never happen to me kind of way.   I had a bit of a setback.   I was going great guns with the run.  I even discovered that I had been measuring my circuit in miles instead of k’s so still running the same distance, obviously, but getting nearer to that elusive 5k goal.  I was getting out on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Taking Monday for a rest day.  Putting on the runners again on Tuesday and a Wednesday if I could manage it. Never running three days in a row.  But always making sure I covered the weekends.  And I was knocking up to a minute off my time each time I went out.  Delighted with myself.  I even ran the bloody thing without stopping last weekend. That was such a rush, I can’t tell you.  And then, just when I thought I had the circuit nailed and I was ready to extend it a little bit, I started to stop again.  Only once on Tuesday but Wednesday, I needed to stop twice.  When I say stop, I mean come to a brisk walk, you never stop moving.  Tis not allowed.  But I was crippled.  My feet felt like lead, the end of the run was in sight but it still seemed so far away.  I know each and every run is distinct; no two runs are ever the same.  All the seasoned runners say so.  Some runs are good, some are bad, and others are just different.  But I’m disappointed all the same.  The first day I stopped I put it down to tired muscles after the rest day but the second time; I was plain old pissed off with myself.   Mister Husband suggested that maybe the morning run suits me best and I would have to agree that although it is my favourite time to get out there, the time of day should not make a difference.  The other thing I have noticed is, music is fantastic to run to.  Some songs are better than others.  I’ve been given a real burst at the end of a run once or twice, purely by a decent song with a stonking beat coming on.  It’s amazing how it just pushes you onwards.  Too much talking from the DJ on duty definitely has an effect too.  It just slows me down.  (Take note Larry Gogan - with your bloody power ballads!!)   It’s still early days but a week closer to 5k with Ray in the Phoenix Park all the same.   I’m trying not to be too hard on myself; I’m still very much a learner runner.   But then set back number two, a harder one, happened.  I did something to my ankle.  I don’t know what but it started to bitch and moan at me on my Saturday run.  I managed to complete half the circuit, before I reached my stopping station where I stop if absolutely necessary. It was necessary and I stopped, figuring it was better to endure the seething disgust I felt at my weakened ankle rather than continue and do damage that could see me out of action for a while.  I still need to be able to run after the Screecher Creatures more than run on the road.  I ended up walking the rest of the way home and was unable to go out on Sunday.  I’m hoping the rest will cure whatever drama is going on behind the scenes in my foot.  I have to include here, that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction and thus I was out one evening and feeling the burn.  My lovely high viz jacket that is a large in a men’s size, billowing nicely, like a sail on a ship.  The state of me; staggering and gasping.  Burning lungs screaming for breath and practically vertical to the ground when two very capable looking runners came into my line of vision.  They were taking the whole thing in their stride, proper running gear on and everything.  They were even talking casually to each other.  There was the most beautiful sunset happening right in front of me so that coupled with the little spots that were floating before my eyes, made identifying them hard.  We gave each other the Runners Wave and I thundered on; my high Viz sail flapping in the wind.  I thought I recognised one of them but like I said, bright light and sweat in my eyes equals compromised vision.  The following morning I was in the Bay Tree for my morning coffee and Tony the proprietor asked me did I run far that evening?  We had a lovely chat about running in general and how hard that chosen road can be.  Great, I thought, a kindred spirit.  Turns out though, I was walking to the corner shop for my run.  Tony was only doing 20k.  Sheesh.  No pressure.     As I said before, watch this space!!

This space.  So I did a lunch time run during the week and the rest seemed to have worked.   Yay!!  And the other thing I found out is running on concrete is possibly the worst surface you can run on………………… cite one of the Screechers favourite quotes from SpongeBob – Darn it sauce!!!!       

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