Friday 16 March 2012

Keep on Running. Week 4. Starving.

I’d ate the scabby leg of a Christian brother, a bare arse through a hole in the hedge, a child’s leg through the bars of his cot and go back for seconds.  Lads.  I. Am. Starvin! Fookin!  Marvin!!  Due to all the running, my appetite has increased.  Big time.  The only other time I have experienced raging “get out of the Jayzus way or I’ll kill ya” hunger was in the first trimester of pregnancy.  It’s normal by all accounts.  You want to run how by me again?  I wake up hungry and go to bed peckish.  I’ve been told by those in the know that porridge is yer only man for staving off mid-morning hunger pangs.  Sets you up for the day, or so I’ve been told.  But let’s not beat round the Mulberry bush here.  I don’t “do” porridge.  Or Weetabix.  Or any other milky creation.  I would seriously hurl.  Starchy foods such as these are up there on the devil’s food shelf alongside coke and other fizzy drinks. The only difference being I like coke but still do not drink it.  So I reckon I am going to have to come up with another breakfast alternative to a coffee and scone of a morning.  But, and I am not making an excuse here, I do not have time time to be faffing over a kings breakfast.  I’d have to take it into the bathroom with me.  I know, disgusting.  It hasn’t escaped my attention either that all of this training is happening during Lent and I’m sworn off the chocolate stuff.  Once upon a time a fistful of chocolate or a half pack of biscuits washed down with a cup of coffee bought me a half hour or so.  But I’ve been really good and not touched a piece of chocolate in 3 weeks now.  So good in fact that if I’m making a culinary treat for the Screecher Creatures and I get a bit of chocolate on me, I don’t even lick it off.  It goes straight on the cloth.  I do ask myself when the cravings for a sugar rush become intense, have I bitten off more than I can chew.  I tell myself to Rise Above it.  I attended a talk during the week on nutrition in the local health shop.  It was great.  Full of advice on micro and macrobiotics, proteins, good fats and carbs.  The only thing is I left feeling even more confused and clueless than I was going in.  I am a basic, simple creature and sometimes I cannot see the forrest for the trees.  (In other words, a bit dim at times) so a meal plan on paper would have been most helpful for me.  I consulted the Sports and Fitness board on my parenting website (the one I was addicted to before I discovered Facebook) and was told what I already knew.  That a scone for breakfast wouldn’t fill a hole in my tooth (apparently) and also is not good for me.  (But I like them and these ones are freshly made each morning.  Gluten free and everything!) So that was me told.  It’s during times like this I wish I had paid more attention in Home Economics back in the day.  But I think you learn more when you’re interested in a subject and when it actually applies to you.  So I’m off now to learn how to make some decent pasta sauces, a good soup or two and my favourite; some pizza’s.  I’ll let you know how I get on.  For the moment though, I am going to continue to enjoy my scone and coffee at 8.30am seeing as I don’t drink or smoke and chocolate is off limits for the next few weeks. (Two slices of my mothers homemade lemon meringue pie at the weekend and one of my strawberry Pavlova do not count. Right!) Speaking of hunger, I met a battalion of cyclists over the weekend and they all greeted me like a long lost friend.  It was food for the soul.  There is a great sense of camaraderie out there.  And today I got through the last few minutes of my run thinking about what I am going to bring with me to this 5k with Ray and Spar in the Phoenix Park.  Haven’t decided if it’s going to be baked or poached but it will be salmon. With some of that lovely teriyaki stuff on it, a big bag of rocket and spinach leaves with other salad things and some nice lemony and mustard salad dressing.  To be eaten after the fek off chicken baguette or similar that is going to be (had better be) in my goody bag at the end of this race in 3 weeks’ time.  Yikes!  

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