Friday 17 August 2012

Big Bird. Week 3. Calorific

Calories – Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night.” Facebook
There was a Happy Meal in the mix this week.  Is that bad?  Actually, the kids had the Happy Meal with the obligatory bag of rabbit droppings aka raisins that are thrown in so they can get away with some healthy eating claim or other.  I was very good though.  I brought my will power out for a walk and instead of ordering those yummy chocolate cookies and a cappuccino, I had a tea instead.  Oh, alright then, I said I was going to be honest didn’t I?  The tea was to wash down the chicken sandwich meal thingy. But I didn’t go large, Perry.  This meant I got 5 fries instead of 10 with the meal.  That has to count for something.  This week was a good one actually and I am feeling pretty happy with myself as I write this.  Haven’t weighed myself yet I might add so it might all go pear shaped when I hop up on the scales. This is really working though!  It was a good idea to decide to publicly announce what I loose and or gain.  It really helps keep me on the straight and narrow. Kind of.  I still have my treats every day but I just make sure I work them off afterwards.  Which reminds me.   I’ve heard about people going to great lengths before a weigh-in.  Some people do their wee’s and poo’s.   I read of a woman who made sure she breastfed her child before her clock in.  Jeebus, don’t know about you, but I reckon that’s a tad extreme.  Does anyone else have a routine for weighing themselves?  You know, something totally silly that makes sense only to you and it by no means will make you (much) lighter but you do it anyway.  Kind of like saying it doesn’t count if you eat it standing up or it’s got less calories when it’s from someone else’s plate?  I don’t believe those either but you know what I mean.  I don’t take off my shoes when I weigh myself, but I will remove my scarf if I’m wearing one.  The scales has to be on hard floor, never carpet, and I put it on the same square tile each time.  Ridiculous.  But everyone it seems has their little quirky superstitions.  Right so, what did I do this week?   I managed to run four nights in a row and then the weather turned poxy.  Did you ever see anything like it?  Not to be beaten, I resorted to my tried and tested home workout.  I found a lovely really quick 6 minutes or so with weights on my Davina DVD called Summer Shoulders and I do it twice a day; in the morning and in the evening, whether or not I get out for a run.  I love working with weights.  I think they really do make that little bit of a difference to your work out and you can get some real results with them.  The cute thing this week was the lads wanted to join in.  When I started the Davina DVD last winter, I bought a set of weights.  I don’t know why they bother with the lightest one, I really don’t.  A newborn baby could lift it and they never get used.  Anyway, I was able to give those to the lads to use and they were only delighted with themselves.  They’re still weights though and as I watched the lads earnestly pumping iron, my heart was in my mouth waiting for one of them to accidentally concuss either themselves or one another.  Didn’t happen but I have been subjected to random muscle checks.  If only it were that quick!  I have also returned to a house work exercise out of necessity.  We have a new puppy.  You might have heard.  She is gorgeous.  She is 9 weeks old and the colour of midnight with about 6 white hairs on her chin.  A little lab collie cross that has totally relapsed in the potty training department so I am kilt washing floors.  Take it from me, do this right and you’ll have a stomach akin to a washboard in no time.  Slow and controlled, suck in those muscles and scrub like crazy. Thanks Juno for all the yellow (and brown) reasons for jumping up off my chair and back breaking floor washing, but if it’s all the same with you, I’d prefer if you got the hang of whining at the door to get out and relieve yourself, and not all over the house. I swear, house training three boys wasn’t this hard.  And lastly, I felt really guilty putting up my weight loss last week.  It seemed too much, in a too good to be true kind of way.  I did contemplate lying about it.  I was going to say I lost a pound but thought better of it.  I realised that kind of weight loss is not going to happen every week, nor would I want it to.  It will slow right down and I’ll be back to giving out because I only lost half a pound or gained half a pound.  I think slowly and surely is the name of this game.  Anything lost quickly will only be regained quickly.  I was shocked though.  I was hoping for a pound and to see the digital display announce eleven stone even made me do a little dance in my mother’s hallway.  Mister Husband and the kids were looking at me from the car.  See, it was early on Saturday morning and I weighed myself before we went to do the groceries.  This probably gave me a false reading.  But I’ll stop talking about it now.   One good thing about dropping a few pounds is that it gave me an incentive to keep up the good work.  As Davina says, “how are you doing?”  Sometimes I want to shout at the screen and call her a smug bitch and ask her how does she think I’m doing?  Her eyeliner is still intact, she’s even got her lipstick on.  She does this really annoying thing where she pretends to be bollixed after a few sit ups, just to appear mortal like the rest of us.  Hah!  She doesn’t fool me.   Till next week.  Be good!       

August 2012 - eleven stone three and a half pounds.                                                                                     9th August – eleven stone.                                                                                                                                   16th August -  eleven stone and half a pound.  

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