Tuesday 11 February 2014

A Bug. A Cake & A Day Off.

Photo credit: Kate Richie aka Sally from Home & Away
Sometimes I just cannot muster the energy or interest to cook dinner.  Today happened to be one of those days.  I am beginning to notice a pattern.  I usually feel like this when I am particularly tired, when I haven’t had much fresh air or if one of the boys has had an unsettled night. 

Last night was one of those nights.  We have a very affectionate fella in our house.  As a baby he would wake up almost every night, but not for a drink, not because he had a bad dream, or because he was too hot or too cold.  This boy would wake because he wanted a kiss and a hug.  He was only eighteen months old and I had been enjoying a few months of uninterrupted sleep.  Then the baby arrived and the gentle but persistent demands for a kiss and a hug at 2am started.

This quest for reassurance was to be expected really.

These days Lovely Liam has his cuddle quota met during the day but he will still wake at night.  

Most nights.

A quick trip to the bathroom is usually all it takes to settle him but some nights that is not enough and I have to bunk in with him.  Once we are snuggled up under the blankets together, he will wriggle closer and press his nose up against mine, little arms go around my neck and I get a kiss followed by an “I love you.”

Last night I had a lucky escape.  Complaining of a tummy ache and being too hot, it was decided not a moment too soon, that he unwrap himself from around me and see if a bathroom visit would help.

It did.  Lovely Liam was sick as soon as he reached the bathroom door. 

A bit confused, a little shocked and a tad disgusted, he stood looking at me, not exactly sure what had just happened.  The last time for Lovely Liam to have an upset tummy was when he was an infant.

Finally, a change of pyjamas, a spoonful of medicine and a sucky sweet later (Strepsil to you and me to take away the “yucky taste”) we were back in bed.

Together.  Where I was a bit nervous that it might happen again and we wouldn’t be so lucky second time round.

He slept soundly and I tossed and turned, listening to every snore and cough.

It was decided a day off school was in order and I spent the morning cleaning, sweeping, washing down doors, doing laundry and tidying the play room. 

It was no wonder I didn’t feel like making dinner.

It happens to be pancake Tuesday in our house every Tuesday so this was a lovely, easy lunch to prepare.  It is also a firm favourite.

To cheer everyone up and inject some sunshine into the day I also made this.

Double Malted Chocolate Brownie recipe in link above

This was supposed to be for dessert but I had it for my lunch with cups and cups of hot tea.

Just because.


  1. I KNEW there was a cake bookmarked in my brain to make.....

    1. Hah! It's usually the other way around. I read YOUR blog and go, "oh! Knew there was something I needed to do!" :)