Wednesday 9 April 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Smallest Boy

And then on the 9th of April 2011 there were four boys.    After a little bit of messing and a few pesky overnight stays in hospital, you were born.  

Freshly Baked

The first week was tough and then you came to grips with the world and your earthside home.  

Finding your rhythm and hinting at the personality that was about to appear; a chilled, good natured, even tempered, easy going, cheeky chappy with a smile for everyone and a hug for his mammy.

You were less than 24 hours old and your thumb was firmly jammed in your mouth.  No practice, no messy fingers up your nose, you nailed it first time.  And there it has stayed.

Our pint sized punk

The first year passed in the blink of an eye.  

You took everything in your stride.  Following in the steps of your older brothers you shunned proper toys for Stuff.  Stuff like stones, saucepans, bits of sticks and the like.  You also liked to hang out in drawers.

Juno came to live with us when you were a year and a half old.  She was your cushion, your companion and she taught you how to chew on the chair legs and many times you dined from her bowl.

You love to swim.  

Have a strong interest in Dora the Explorer and Diego.  You also like to shout "BANG" at the end of the theme tune to The Big Bang Theory.  You reckon you're a barista and like to make me cappaccuinos.

And then you were two.  

The day before you caught your finger in the door and there was a scary moment when I thought you had lost the top of it.  But like the trooper you are, you took it all in your stride.

And now, now you are three. 

 Even if you are adamant that today you are four.    Three years old and hanging onto being the baby with all of your mite.  Big Boy pants are not for you.  You won't hear of leaving the comfort of your cot and if school is mentioned, there is an emphatic shake of your head and a definite "No!  Want to stay witcHOO, Mammy!"

And d'you know what?  That's fine by me.  'Coz I want you to stay with me too!  Where you belong.

Happy birthday, Brendan.  You are our squish, our gorgeous boy, our scourge.  You have the best bed hair I have ever seen and you give the best stingers and face rubs in the world! 


Enjoying an early present


  1. Four? Three? Sure it's the caterpillar cake that's important! This is just gorgeous.....and nothing wrong with starting them young on making your cappuccinos!

    1. Ha ha, thanks Joanna. I like to start 'em young!

  2. Lovely post and pictures. I love your two expressions "freshly baked" and "bed hair". Lovely feel good post. Happy Birthday to your wee small boy.

  3. I forgot just how cute small boys are :) Happy Birthday Brendan xx

    1. I think because he is my last three year old small boy, I am clinging to this stage as hard as he is.

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