Tuesday 26 August 2014

What I Learned From The Ice Bucket Challenge

THE  Ice Bucket Challenge has taken all of the countries by storm.  Everyone wants a bit of the action and why not?  It's for a very good cause.  A very good cause indeed.  I am not even going to provide a link because absolutely everyone knows about it.  

Even the celebrities are at it. But don't mind them; anything for a bit of attention and they're all over it.

I heard on the wireless this morning the sales of ice cubes have increased by 200%.  All thanks to the ice bucket challenge.

It's all good.

And there's a few gentle laughs thrown in for good measure.  Like these two.  The first one is the Irish Mammy and Her Son.  

And then The Irish Mammy By Herself.

I like these because they are typical of the Irish sense of humour. Not so fond of the people running into washing lines and almost decapitating themselves.

And yes, I accepted my Ice Bucket challenge. 

I admit, at first I was all:  

and then the boys got wind of it and they were all, "Yay!  Let's do it!  I'm pouring the water all over her!"

"No!  I am!"

"I said it first."  etc. etc.  You get the picture.

So I did it with the four boys lined up behind me each holding their little seaside buckets filled with water.  Four boys.  Four buckets of cold water.  That's plenty.

I am sure you don't want to see yet another clip of yet another Ice Bucket Challenge so I won't subject you to one mine.

But I will subject you to the things I have learned since completing the ice bucket challenge.

  • It's good fun.

  • Some people just don't want to do it.  And that's okay.  There should be no pressure.  Nor should they feel the need to explain their reasons for not participating.
  • It is impossible not to scream when that icy cold water hits your head.

  • It is also impossible not to sit still.  You will be catapulted out of your sitting, shrieking and waving your arms around like a mad thing.  
  • Everyone, without exception, shouts, "is it off?  IS IT OFF?  TURN IT OFF!"

  • People will do something mad and donate money towards the cause if there is a bit of fun behind it.
  • You get to hear what people sound like in Real Life.
  • That water is shocking cold.  You're not listening to me.  SHOCKING cold.  Piss on yourself cold.  Really, it is!  But you should so do it.    

Go on.  Give it a lash.  But only if you want to!


  1. Thanks a million. This is what i wish to write to everyone who does this challenge or donates. My Dad died of MND and this ridiculous challenge will make a difference.

    1. Let's hope so Tric. It just goes to show how involved people will become when the donation asked for is just a small amount. Everyone wil donate €2 but if you ask for €10 or more, nothing will happen.

  2. Agree with you on the water. A lesson we learned in our house last night.

    1. In our house (read with me. Ahem!) I think it was a combination of laughing so hard, the shock of the cold water and being taken by surprise.