Friday 30 January 2015

January Favourites

THE WORST MONTH of the year is finally drawing to a close.  Payday beckons, treats can be bought, drinks can be drank and if New Year’s Resolutions were kicked to the kerb, so what?  January is no time to be making unrealistic promises to yourself anyway.  However, I am pleasantly surprised at how I am enjoying virtual smoking.  At this rate I might be able to treat myself to something nice at the end of the year.

In the meantime here are some of the yummy things I encountered during the month of January.

The Beauty Favourites: The Sanctuary & Soap and Glory Ranges.

Every Christmas my mother gives me a hamper containing toiletries, chocolate, perfume, a surprise or two and this year she included some Sanctuary products and a couple from Soap and Glory. 

The 5 Day Creamy Moisture Body Oil is amazing stuff.  It dispenses like a regular cream but once applied and rubbed in it changes into a light oil that is easily absorbed.  It smells gorgeous and the scent lingers all day.

Soap and Glory are an acclaimed beauty brand using clever names for their products. I am still trying to get my hands on their Show Good face primer and foundation combination.  

For the moment I have to content myself with a gorgeous little exfoliating luxury called Flake Away.  None of your sand like particles to irritate skin or eyes (ouch!) think castor sugar in a shea butter to slough away rough skin.  Follow up with a nice application of The Righteous Butter and you will never look back.


The Food & Drink Favourites: 

Walnut Whips: Is there anything nicer?  I love these.  Unfortunately I am back to buying individual ones as Christmas is over and Lidl don’t have the bumper packs anymore.  Actually wait.  I don’t even have a Lidl anymore.  Our local store has been razed to the ground to make way for a newer and improved one.  It’s their ten year policy apparently.    I miss it so much.    

G&T’s.  Pleasure with a slice and some ice.   My Christmas treat to myself is to buy a bottle of gin and some tonic water.   I swear there were evenings when I wanted to pour one at 5pm. 

The Health Favourites:   Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel:

This is a little gem of a product.  We used it last summer for a beach sunburn.  It’s lived in the fridge ever since.  Until this month.  Smallest Boy likes to help me make popcorn of an afternoon and the inevitable happened; he got a little too close to the saucepan and his thumb ended up with a blister.  After the novelty of dunking it in iced water wore off I broke out the Aloe Vera.  It meant blobbing a tiny bit onto his thumb every 30 seconds for almost ten minutes but it worked. It is a lovely, cool, non-sticky gel suitable for all the family.        

The Book Favourites:   The Hunger Games Trilogy. 

 I doubt this one needs an introduction.  The second reading was almost as good as the first.  Imaging winning the lottery where you kill or be killed.  A tale about politics, choices and war.  With kids as the pawns.

The Feel Good Factor:  Shopping by myself:

 I suspected things were coming full circle for a while now and one Saturday, I got to get the groceries by myself.  Call me weird but I actually like doing the shopping.  And I really like doing it alone when I can concentrate and stick to my list.  It also means I get it done twice as fast.  I spend way too much time pulling the boys off each other and the toilet roll displays.  And when I’m not doing that I am begging two of them at any one time to get up off the floor.    

Goodbye January and hello to the snowdrops in my front garden, the yellow gorse dotting the hedge down the road.

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