Monday 10 August 2015

A Teeny Tiny Confession

*whispers* I think I’m ready for them to go back to school.

I know a long long time ago back in June I said I was dying for the summer holidays.  That I love the summer holidays and the break from routine.  I said all of that.  I still stand by it.  But.

*whispers* I think I’m ready for routine again.

The weather has been less than stellar and whilst I do loosely believe that there is no such thing as bad weather just poor choice of clothes, I still don’t like to go out in the pissing rain with four kids.

We have been going to the swimming pool each morning to get out of the house for a while and whilst I kind of sort of like it just get on with it, they love it.  But.

*whispers* I would rather poke my eyes out with blunt cocktail sticks than swim. 

I hear “maaammmyyyy” at least 78 times a day.  Per child.  That word now has the power to make my skin crawl.

Bed time has been stretched out to 9pm and after.  I usually follow an hour later. I spend most of the afternoon longing for some time to myself and when the opportunity finally presents itself, I can’t handle it. 

*whispers* How much is a bottle of Floradix with Magnesium?

They found something I had kept safe for five years and within five minutes, destroyed it.  My boys don’t go around with lump hammers or anything but they have a staggering ability to wreck stuff just by looking at it.

The house is upside down.  Today I managed to dump 332 pairs of random socks, pack away a lot of summer clothes (sob) and chuck bits that never got worn, will never got worn into a recycling bag.  I have actual fantasies about getting into the playroom-that-has-no-toys and clearing it out so nothing except the four walls stand.  I have taken to googling skips!  But.

*whispers* The floors haven’t been washed at all this month.

One of my boys broke out in mouth sores a couple of weeks ago.  The result, I am convinced, of subsisting entirely on chicken curry albeit made from scratch, ham and cheese sandwiches, pancakes and scrambled eggs.  They need proper meals again.  But.
*whispers* they won’t eat proper meals and I am quite enjoying the break from roast dinners.

School is back in a matter of weeks.  The uniforms are ready to go.  The school bags are packed.  New shoes are bought.  The lights need to be turned on most evenings now shortly after 9pm.   Pretty soon I won’t be getting a couple of weeks out of a full tank of diesel thanks to the school runs.  Homework will once again be the bane of mine and the boys’ lives.  School lunches will be made and mostly not eaten.  But Smallest Boy will be going to Montessori.  Trips to the swimming pool will cease and desist. 

And then it will be mid-term break time!

Bring it on. 



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