Friday 9 December 2011

A Pain in the Baubles!

It was my happy birthday yesterday.  I was never best impressed with it being so close to Christmas as I always felt hard done by.  No-one ever knew it was my birthday as the 8th December is a Holy Day and traditionally schools closed on this day.  Not any more it seems. What’s the story with that?  Typical.
When I was younger I asked my mother if I could maybe change my happy birthday to a more suitable time of year.  I was after a party, see.  The summer sounded good.  But I was never one for thinking beyond the big idea.  The idea alone was always enough for me.  Imagine my huge disappointment and utter disgust when it was pointed out to me that I’d be on holidays from school then.  It seemed I couldn’t win.
These days I don’t mind.   I’m just getting on with things.  I suspect, however, that as I am approaching a “significant age” (next year, reader, next year) I’m less inclined to announce it.
But this year I am postponing my happy birthday by two days.  The perfect opportunity has arisen.  Screecher Creatures one, two and three are being taken on their annual magical mystery Santy tour by their wonderful aunties and I am taking full and glorious advantage of their absence by going shopping.  I will have Screecher Creature number four with me, but no matter as he is only 8 months old and confined to his buggy.  The prospect of being able to enter a changing room without an audience has me all excited.  No-one will comment on my underwear and I won’t have to answer endless questions about body parts (mine).
It is the only day of the year in which Mister Husband and I get to spend a couple of hours alone.  Last year we had the then youngest with us and we managed to have a lovely spot of lunch.  The only food I had to chop up was the food on my own plate.  Bliss!!  The only trips I had to take to the bathroom were mine. This year I am so organised I don’t have to waste valuable time finishing off Santy shopping.  It will be clothes shop after clothes shop.  Did I say I can’t wait?  I am already counting the hours.  Poor Mister Husband doesn’t know what’s going to hit him!!
Happy birthday to me!!!!
(Less than 15 hours to go!!!)   

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  1. Rian's school was closed on both Thurs & Fri.. Happy Birthday Gwen!!! ~ Angela