Tuesday 10 January 2012

What's in Yours?

What’s in yours?
 Handbag that is.  I had a look in mine today and this is what I found.
 Pair of socks.  Child size. (Dirty) 
Pair of socks.  My size. (Clean)
Chocolate wrapper. (Empty)
Bottle of Nurofen. Orange flavour.  (Not empty)
Toy car. (Broken)
Crumpled Butlers Mint Praline Wrapper.  (Empty)  (Yum yum)
Two baby spoons.
Two mouth organs (!!)
Two plastic dinosaurs, 3 McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, 5 Kinder egg toys.
Tube of hand cream.  (Almost empty)
Wallet. (Most definitely empty)
Mobile phone. 
A syringe for the Nurofen.
Two tissues. (Used) (Yuk!)
A cloth convenience bag.
A nappy. (Clean!)
A packet of wipes.  (Half empty)
Two pairs of gloves. (My size)
Four pairs of gloves.  (Child size)
Another wallet.   (Not empty)  (Much)
Tube of Savlon.  (Past its expiry date) 
Several receipts for several shops.
Packet of Jelly Tots.  (Unopened)
Packet of Milky Way Stars.  (Also unopened)
A baby rattle.
A shopping list. 
A small tub of Vaseline. 
A tube of lip gloss.  (Old)
Teeny tiny tub of Sudocreme. (Opened)
A couple of Savlon anti-septic wipes. (Unused)
A yo-yo.
A diary.
Several pens.  Some working.  Some not.  Some without lids.
Money off coupons.
Two packets of tissues.  One opened.
House keys.
Car keys.
A scarf. (Mine)
Some dried leaves. (??)
A picture my son did in school.
A notebook.
A CeeBeebies magazine.
A mouse trap.  Do not ask.

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