Wednesday 18 June 2014

Wonderful Wagon Got a Mug!

I got a present.  For once the package that arrived was all for me and not the boys.

Look what I got!

 A personalised Wonderful Wagon mug and I am delighted with it.

Look at the cuteness.  The exactness.  The colour.  The brightness and the sheer gorgeousness of it.

It is amazing how the very talented Patricia Conesa from Colorines Wonderful has captured me and my family from just a few little details given to her about us. 

I love that she has me smiling and waving out the window of the car when in everyday reality I am not smiling and waving out the window of the car.  I usually have gritted teeth, a frown on my face and am using that waving hand to strap on my seat belt as I scorch out the gate of a morning.

I also love that the Awesome Foursome aren’t making a holy show of me and are also waving and smiling.  Usually one or all of them are intent on causing grievous bodily harm to each other.  I particularly love that she gave Smallest Boy his trademark russet hair colour.  Really, really love that.

And look at Juno.  Have you ever seen a pooch so well behaved in a car?

Neither have I!  Normally she is in the passenger seat and licking the window!

Patricia’s creations are gorgeous and at €10 per mug with a deal on pairs, these won’t break the bank.   She has recently added tea pots to her shop (etsy).  You too can have your own personalised mug or espresso cup just by giving Patricia a few details about your hobbies, pets, children etc.  Check her out on Facebook her etsy Shop and on the Twitter machine.

Wouldn’t they make a lovely gift for someone?  Or just for you.  To enjoy your tea or coffee from.

I am so happy with mine.  Every time I use it whichever of the Awesome Foursome is present drifts across to see himself on the mug. 

Now for the boring bit.  I have not been paid for this blog post but I have been given a personalised mug in return for my review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. They are fab mugs aren't they! I bought one for my hubby for his birthday! So cool!

    1. I'm only raging I missed her deadline for the teachers' mugs! Next year.

  2. Looks like they make really cute personalised mugs! I should give it a try :)

    1. Hi David. Lovely to have a fella comment for a change. Yes, they really are lovely. Thanks for reading and the comment!

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