Sunday 1 June 2014

La la la la la la Long Weekend

We are mid-way through the June bank holiday weekend.  June!  Already!    And to make it even better I can add Tuesday to it because the kids have no school.

It hasn’t escaped my short attention span how my bank holiday weekend expectations/joy have changed since the kids came along.

BC (Before Childer) the pub certainly would have been visited.  A lot.  Starting off with a few cold ones on Friday after work.  Possibly sitting in a beer garden somewhere.  Forget possibly, absolutely definitely in a beer garden somewhere.

There would have been lots of sleep. Eating out also featured heavily.  Meeting up with friends on Saturday night and then chilling in front of the television on Sunday.  The cinema maybe that afternoon.  The pub again that night.  Of course. 

And then Monday was our oyster.

Four kids later a bank holiday is simply business as usual.  But it doesn’t stop me getting excited about one.  Regardless of the total lack of R’nR time, the usual saturation of children’s programmes and not crossing the threshold of a pub anytime over the weekend, I still like the time off.

This time off, for me, consists of: no homework.  Ditto school lunches.  Uniforms are out of sight and out of mind.  We spend less time in the car.  There will be trips to the swimming pool.  Late breakfasts and hopefully late wake-ups.  But whatever time the day starts there will be no mad rushes out the door. Basically we will take everything down a notch.

This bank holiday weekend is really, in essence, a mini taster of what the summer holidays are going to be like.  And these will be in a short four week’s time. 

Four weeks!  Already!

The quickest year ever.

One of my favourite things to do during term time is to meet Mister Husband for a cup of coffee after the school run. 

That cup of coffee handed to me at precisely 9am of a morning is a little bit of caffeine heaven in a cup.  I love a summer berry compote served in a wine glass with one of those long spoons to go along with it.

It is essentially Greek yogurt with layers of stewed mixed berries and a sprinkling of sunflower and pumpkin seeds on top.

I usually have to fight Smallest Boy for it.

I am really going to miss my breakfast treat when we are on holidays so today I decided to make my own.  The fruit is cooling as I type and I have taken all the appropriate pictures so blog post to follow on that. 

In the meantime enjoy what is left of the bank holiday weekend.         

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