Friday, 1 August 2014

Rosslare Beach Villas Review

Your home away from home.
THIS July, for the second year in a row, we stayed in a self-catering three bed villa in Rosslare with the beach as our back garden.  Accessed via a private walkway.

Situated.  Rosslare Beach Villas, Strand Road, Rosslare Strand, Rosslare, Co. Wexford   are in the centre of Rosslare.  Rosslare itself is 8k from Rosslare Europort, 15k from Wexford town and 150k from Dublin City Centre.

What you need to know:  the Villas come in three different styles.  Style A sleeps four adults.  (6 if you include a sofa bed) comprising of I double room and 1 twin room.  Style B sleeps 5 adults, featuring 3 separate bedrooms.  1A & 1B are the largest and most spacious villas boasting 1 of 2 bedrooms with 1 double and 2 single beds plus en suite bathroom.  Bedroom 2 contains 1 double, 1 single bed with adjacent shower room and toilet.

All of the villas share fully equipped kitchen facilities with washing machine, dishwasher, micro wave, kettle and toaster.  Towels and crockery are included with everything else you would already have in your own kitchen.  This means you don’t need to bring anything with you.  An ironing board and iron are stored under the stairs.  Stair gates for smaller members of the family and cots are provided free of charge. 


A pint of milk in the fridge, in the event you forget to bring your own, makes for a lovely touch.  Coffee and sugar sachets are also provided.

Each villa also has its own designated parking space.

We stayed in style B and as a family of 6 had ample space for the week.

Anything else?

Rosslare Beach Villas is a family run operation with Johnny living on site to help out with any queries or solve any problems you may have.  He is never further than a phone call away.

Guests can also make full and excellent use of a communal BBQ to the rear of the villas.  This area is enclosed and includes a sand pit area for the kids, a beautiful landscaped sea-front patio plus a very handy and necessary outdoor shower.

Herb garden 

There is also a picnic table at the sand pit for whoever is on watchful eye duty as the BBQ is heating up.  The view across the bay from this point is stunning.

Across the road from the villa’s you will find the very tempting and delicious Bread Shop serving fresh breads, croissants and pastries each day.  Very naughty breakfasts on tap.

Claudia’s is a gorgeous café specialising in homemade treats and breads to go with that sit down coffee. 

Cois Farraige is the place to visit if you cannot be without your cooked breakfast and they are also just one of the local chippers open till 10pm.

Centra is less than a 5 minute walk away, even with kids and is incredibly well stocked.
Next door to Centra you will find Tides, a wonderful gastro pub which serves lunch from 12.30 daily.  This can be enjoyed inside or outside in the gorgeous beer garden.  A lovely place to visit when you have had enough of picnic food and take-outs.  Their price range is a little high but I would recommend one visit for a treat at least.

These are the areas we frequented most during our 7 days at Rosslare Beach Villas.  

Unfortunately I took my eye off the ball (my child) one day and he got a little sunburned.  The lovely lady in Rosslare Pharmacy sorted us out quickly and discreetly, managing to make me feel better about my negligence.    

The renowned and acclaimed Kelly’s Hotel and Spa is nearby also with The Cedars Hotel providing nightly family entertainment.  There is also an impressive enclosed playground a short walk away from the villas.  There is something in it for all age groups.  If you can drag them away from the beach, that is!

Best Bits
The beach.  The beach.  The beach.  With small kids who wanted nothing else, they were in their element.  As adults and parents, it was lovely to sit on a blanket on the warm sand on a beach that was safe, clean and not too busy.   Our villa was just behind us so letting the kids run back up for buckets and shovels, drinks, fruit and bathroom visits by themselves made the whole experience even nicer.

I even got in a couple of early morning runs.

The villas are ideal for families who like to holiday together as they are all next door to each other.  We spent lovely evenings at the BBQ and when the kids were in bed, having a relaxing drink of wine in the patio area outside. 

Quite frankly, we love it there.  The boys love it.  We go in peak season and are a family of 6 but after that with the boys playing the world’s best playground every day, the beach, it works out as a relatively cheap holiday. 

These are my own views. I have not been paid to give them.  We stayed in Rosslare Beach Villas at our own expense.


  1. Love the place. Looks great fun for the kids! Have to try it next summer. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks for reading Laura. You won't be disappointed. I wish we could stay for 2 weeks. It's hedonistic down there.

  2. Thanks very much for the complimentary words Gwen. I'm delighted that you have had such a nice time - it was a pleasure having you and hopefully we'll see you all again in 2015. Johnny, Rosslare Beach Villas manager.

    1. Hi Johnny! Thanks for reading!!! It's perfect down there. Keep up the good work and continued success to you.

  3. You have sold it to me!! Start looking for commission now!!

    1. Emily, your crew would LOVE it down there. D'you know I was just a teeny tiny bit disappointed that we didn't get a walk on the beach in the rain. But there you go, you can't have everything!

  4. Great place for a holiday! A wonderful location in a great part of the country. The people running the villas are really helpful and genuinely try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. I'd recommend these villas to anyone!

    1. Wexford is gorgeous, isn't it? When you have such glorious weather in Ireland, you really don't need to go anywhere else.

  5. Sounds great, Gwen....and looks great too, very upset you forgot to take me....But your other post did say it's a typical holiday thing to get there and realise you forgot something, oh well, just remember to pack me next year!!!!

  6. Thanks for reading Laura. You won't be disappointed. I wish we could stay for 2 weeks.
    Clean Villas

  7. Emily, your crew would LOVE it down there. D'you know I was just a teeny tiny bit disappointed that we didn't get a walk on the beach in the rain.
    Clean Villas

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