Friday 24 October 2014

Friday I'm in Love
THIS FRIDAY I’m in Love with……..

The mid-term break.  Good golly Miss Molly it could not get here quick enough for me over the last while.  Life is busy.  It is busy for everyone, I get that, but sweet baby Jesus, it’s not worth it.  Since they went back to school at the end of August it has been one long, boring road trip after another.  After school activities, health appointments also after school, swimming with school, endless birthday parties.  I’m a wreck and so is my wallet!  The boys are also banjaxed with the five year old throwing tantrums a two year old would sit back to take notes on.  I plan to enjoy the next week of having nothing planned and just going with the flow.

Shameless Fripperies.  Recently I treated myself to a few non-essential bits and pieces of make-up because I Felt Like It and I’m Worth It.  Goddammit!   I want the entire Catrice make-up stand out of Penneys.   Sleek make-up eye shadow palettes are a wonderful investment with gorgeously pigmented shades and little fallout.  *Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?* Whatever, go get some and prove me wrong.  Cheap as chips too!!! 

Mouse traps.  And not the game.  I know.  It’s not very animal friendly but trust me, I’ve got good traps.  The mouse never knew what slammed down on the back of its neck.  Seriously.  I’ve got a scar on my finger to prove how dangerous those things are.  The cull has slowed down with one mouse every other day now instead of three every few hours.  Yes.  That’s how bad my house was.   

Rockin’ Joe’s.  I’m a fussy bint when it comes to fast food.  I wouldn’t be a fan of greasy chips and burgers at all.  Except Eddie Rockets.  I love Eddie Rockets.  All of those glorious hedonistic nights when I fell out of Whelan’s on Camden Street and into Eddie Rockets across the road for an original burger and delicious vanilla malt.  And another for the wobbly walk on the way home.  So I was thrilled when a wanna-be Eddie’s opened its doors last Sunday in Athy.  The boys were too.  We went in tonight to sample the food.  It’s good folks.  It’s good.  A pretty good dupe for the Rocket!   

Not bad for a party of 6

Marian Keyes.    Holy feathery stroker!  I arrived home this morning to find her latest novel The Woman Who Stole My Life waiting for me.  For. Me!   I heart Marian.  I think she is a real madzer and I have loved her stuff from day one which was back in 1995, Watermelon, if you’re interested and she is only deadly altogether and has a real knack for inventing words like jiggery pokery and feathery stroker and madzers.  Whew!  I had to draw breath too when I saw her new book.  Waiting.  For me!   My boys went into a bit of a loud panic when they saw me stock piling the Brennan’s bread and Batchelor’s beans and they all went, “Oh oh.  Mammy’s got a new book.”  I told them not to worry; that I will be back in one day and two nights and not to burn themselves on the toaster.    

As an aside would it be completely predictable if I stuck Wine in here?  Perhaps it would.  Especially as a relative posted this on my Facebook page during the week.

Whatever you are doing this mid-term and bank holiday weekend, enjoy and keep safe.  Happy Friday peeps!


  1. What?! A Rockin Joes in Athy? My children will faint with excitement and delight!! That post was like a good box of chocolates, full of nice bites: the Mk book (can't wait for a read), holidays!, and, bizarre and all as it may seem coming from someone who rarely wears makeup; I can't help but adore those eye shadow palettes. I need to make a Penneys trip methinks... (And the wine... Have a glass or several for me :-) )

    1. Yes Emily. Rockin' Joe's in Athy! In the old Bryan Bros. building too! I refuse to say where Supermac's used to be!
      I am treating the new MK's like a bar of chocolate - one nibble at a time to make it last. And it's killing me!

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