Wednesday 29 October 2014

Mid-Term Days 2 & 3

I ALMOST broke Tuesday morning.  I did.  It was a close call.  So close in fact I ended up breaking out the make and do crap. 

But before I get onto that let’s do a run down.

Boredom levels?  Check.
Noise levels?  Double, triple check.
Fight break outs?  Check.
Endless demands for food due to boredom levels?  Check.
Flying toys?  Check.
Bad language?  (Possibly mine) Check.
Several people flipping the bird?  Check.

Oh my sweet jeebus.  In all of my romantic looking forward to the mid-term break I had forgotten about the Adjustment Period.  By the time we adjust to the break from school it will be time to go back there. 

“It’s like a little bit of summer without the weather, really.”  I can’t believe I uttered such shite of a Monday evening.

But I did.  I was chock full of good thoughts and feelings having had a lovely day in the zoo plus the half bottle of wine I imbibed probably didn’t help matters.

It was 10.00 on Day 2 and having been up for three whole hours, the boys were starting to get antsy.  So the make and do paints and sheets of paper made an appearance.

I uttered a silent prayer as I was setting up that they would spend more than ten minutes making a mess.

Of course they didn’t.

In very definite “bored now” mumblings they stood up from their painting and left the room to wreak havoc and scream elsewhere.

But at least I got my own Christmas cards finished!

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The afternoon wasn’t much better.

I blamed the weather which was poxy including rain of biblical proportions.  But in truth it was a good dash of laziness on my part.  I was loathe to leave the house.  Especially with them all.

In the wind up we needed to go to Lidl for provisions and true to form one of them kicked the other, Smallest Boy howled for a cookie and Lovely Liam ran off to climb up the toilet paper mountain.

I am not proud but I left them there and walked to the dairy section, grabbed my 6 purchases and decided if they wanted to follow me to the till, they could.

They did.  I got out of there in a lather of sweat with rage boiling inside me. 


It is safe to say Tuesday, Day 2, was a bit of a fail.

Moving swiftly onto Day 3.

It was only 11.00 and already the house was calmer.  Maybe the Adjustment Period won’t be as long as I thought.

Noise levels were not as crazy.  There were lots of little projects taking place; colouring in of competition pages and one boy wrote his Minecraft novel.

I enjoyed a second cup of coffee as my own stress levels were being kept to a minimum.
I feel guilty because I had lots and lots of plans to do lots and lots of stuff with them but sometimes adults get tired too but enough about me. 

Today was a good day.  At the time of typing there was a roast chicken in the oven, they watched The Adventures of TinTin and what’s more, did it very very quietly, all sitting lined up on the couch.

Today was good.  Today was very very good.


Happy family picture images copyright:  itsliketheyknowus