Friday 31 October 2014

Mid-term Break Days 4 & 5

Wonder Water Pricks anyone?
MID-TERM Break Days 4 & 5.  In other words the last couple of days.

I am so happy, hear me roar.

Here it is.  The truth.  Cutting down to brass tax. No holds barred. 

It was a shite week.  An utterly shite week.  With poxy weather thrown in for good measure and I still didn’t get to take the dog to the vets for her booster shots.

Purely because I was very afraid the good people in the clinic might have felt it necessary to give my kids some shots too. 

Yes, it was that bad.  They were that bad.

I have nothing to report really.  I did hope to be in a position to delight you all with details about a trip to the Halloween Sensory Gardens in Carlow. 

We didn’t go.

We went to Tesco’s instead where I allowed them to pick out a treat each and then I took it from them and used it as a visual bribe in order to get them to behave for the half hour it took me to complete the grocery shop. Apologies to the staff member who finds a bumper pack of Spearmint flavoured Tic Tac’s in with the frozen peas.

I am worn out.  Absolutely worn out.  I feel completely overwhelmed after the week.  I have sensory overload.  I am disgusted with my inability not to sweat the small stuff.  I feel guilty over all the rows.  I feel like shite for all the threats and shouts and roars and walking away from them into another room and for shedding a small tear in Lidl car park this morning. 

It all just got too much for me.

I am glad it’s over.  It was a shite week.

The best thing from the last couple of days was when they got imaginative and drew with chalks on the floor.

They had amazing fun creating race tracks and Wonder Water Pricks (Prix!) before deciding to roll in the chalk dust and spread it all over the house.

I had a Donal Skehan day where I made Lemon Drizzle Slices and his Singapore Noodles for dinner. 

In any case, it’s over now.  All of it.  Back to school on Monday and I can’t say I won’t be sorry.

Apologies for such a moany, negative post but that’s how I’m rolling today.


  1. Oh thank god. Honesty. As much as I'm reading and smiling along to the blog posts about people having fantastic time during time off with kids, its refreshing to see I'm not the only one who is looking forward to handing over to someone else for a bit of a break! It is tough going, especially with the crap weather. The Donal Skehan Day sounds great though :) Definitely wine for you :)

    1. The GUILT now is unreal. It's on days like this I really beat myself up and wonder why I don't just ASK for a bit of help. Halloween should be on the 31st July when there's a bit of light left!!!

  2. Aw Gwen I'm sorry it was a shit week. I think it can just be like that sometimes. I find that I have no real control over how it goes - this week my kids were in good form, for no discernible reason. So I made the most of it, knowing from previous occasions, it can go badly hte opposite direction. Hope you're sitting down with a glass of wine now.

    1. Thank you!!!! Yes, it CAN be like that sometimes. I got taken by surprise really. Ah well, it's over now (thank jeebus) and I can go back to promising next year will be different. Like I did last year!! Maybe I will have that wine!!

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself, just take a step back and let the kids be. I think with social media we feel this intense pressure to do things and to watch our children doing oh so happily.
    The reality is that the kids want to chill, (be lazy and do very little in our eyes) and we feel pressure to ensure this doesn't happen. Just being with out little ones is often all they want. A week off is like the first week of the Summer holidays when we panic and can't imagine how we will survive.
    So sorry your week was crap, but join the queue.

    1. Yes, I agree with the one week thing. It's not enough. The first week of any break is hard and then we level off. Having said that, I'm glad it was only one week!

  4. I've never once had a Donal Skehan/any chef day, well done! Ha ha, I know I shouldn't laugh but pricks for prix is brilliant! I might have argued that you got a better deal than me with drawing on the floor with chalk when we have permanent marker faces staring up at us but I think it's even when I factor in the dust from the chalk eventhough it's removable!

    1. Joanna, I'm still washing that chalk dust residue off the floors. Never again!