Friday 28 November 2014

November Favourites

IN KEEPING with the Joy Pockets from previous blog posts, I have decided to compile instead a list of fripperies and feel good stuff for the month of November.  Nothing major, ground breaking or lifesaving.  Just a few things I enjoyed, thought were pretty decent and felt like sharing.
The Make-up favourites

Nail Nurse by Rimmel:  This is great if you have brittle nails or are looking for something clear to wear on an everyday basis with the added benefit of adding a tough outer veneer.  I have been known to apply this in the car at the school gate.  It also makes a great base coat for when you want to go all out vampy and paint your talons red. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer:  You really can’t beat Rimmel for pretty decent recession beauty bits and pieces.  This concealer is great, it comes in three shades and doesn’t cake or settle in fine lines around your eyes, of which I have plenty and not so fine either.  It also acts as a good primer under eye shadow. 

Catrice Gel Like Top Coat:  If I love Rimmel, I adore Catrice make-up range.  Their foundations are getting massive and favourable reviews from all the beauty bloggers who count and who am I to argue with them?  I cannot resist their nail varnishes and I have many.  Many, many.  Today I am talking about their clear top coat which is pretty much a clear nail varnish but with added sternness.  It really extends the shelf life of your nails, keeping them chip free for up to three days. 

The Food & Drink Favourites

Roast chicken dinners:  What can I say?  Who doesn’t love a roast chicken?  We eat a lot of chicken in our house and my go-to meal in order to fire plenty of veg into the boys is a roast chicken dinner.  There is usually a few slices left for lunches the next day too.  It’s a win win situation.  Even the dog sits patiently waiting for scraps.

Pinot Grigio wine:  “Oh look, it’s wine thirty,” and “wine is win with an “e” at the end.”  One more.  “I enjoy long romantic walks to the wine fridge.”  If you can’t enjoy a large glass of wine or three at the end of the week (and on the weekends!) what is it all for? I disliked wine for years.  I believe it was as a result of a bang to the head before my 18th birthday but I have come to my senses in recent years and now indulge regularly.  Pinot Grigio anything, anyone?

The Health Favourites

L Lysine:  I mentioned in my first post of the month that I had a blemish on my lip worthy of its own passport.  L Lysine came to my rescue and I now make sure I have a bottle somewhere at all times to boost my immune system whenever I get run down and suffer from a cold sore breakout.

The Book Favourites

Marian Keyes The Woman Who Stole My Life. She’s back!  With a bang.  Forget about Bake and The Mystery of Mercy Close, this is Marian at her dazzling, funny, pithy best. 

The Feel Good Factor

Fake it till you make it:  Even if you don’t feel like it, put on a smile and go for it.

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