Friday 13 November 2015

Cornflake Boy

“Are we cornflake going to collect Liam today?"                                                                                                 
“I would cornflake my breakfast now.”

“I think it’s cornflake a wet day today.”

“Is today cornflake treat Friday or is it a cornflake school day or cornflake the weekend?”

“Is it cornflake time for Galway yet?”

“How cornflake soon is it to Christmas?”

I know!  What the heck is that?   Smallest Boy is a talker.  Once you make eye contact with him you can consider yourself a goner.  Good night Irene!

Lately he has also taken to putting the word “cornflake” into every sentence.  Depending on the amount of stuff he has to say, he could use “cornflake” three times in one sentence.

Except it’s not “cornflake” he’s saying.  It’s “kind of like” but he says it so fast it sounds like “cornflake.”

I always believed there were a couple extra voices in my head.  Always.  It seems this has been proven lately as I am the only one who “cornflake” can hear him “cornflake” saying this.

It “cornflake” drives me mental.   

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