Tuesday 3 November 2015

Late to Another Party

The online party in fact.  To be honest I’ve never really shown up.  I’m not a fan.  I confess to loving that rush of adrenaline received from the actual handing over of cash across the counter in exchange for a product over waiting for the postman.  I just do. 

I also like to get a literal feel of what I am buying.  I have never purchased clothes online as sizing can be notoriously difficult and I am just not willing to risk the inevitable disappointment of an item arriving that will only fit my leg.

As a result, I limit my online shopping to books and the odd item of makeup that I am confident about.    

However, last night I may have changed my mind. 

Spoiler alert!

There are only 7 little Mondays remaining till Christmas.  Did you know that? 

I know!

I hate when it sneaks up on me too!

The logistics of Santa shopping with 4 kids and getting away with it have been burning a hole in my brain for a while now.   I mulled it over again and mentally re-enacted several plans of action.

The first one was to ask a relative to look after the kids one Saturday so we could scoot off and complete this most arduous of tasks in peace and total secrecy.

But that involved asking someone to forfeit their precious Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.  And we ours.    We’d end up with no relatives.

Plan B was to ask a relative to take them to the cinema (I would pay) so we could have an hour or two to load up the car and transport Christmas goodies back into the house without being caught.

But what if there was nothing decent on in the cinema?  I couldn’t, in good conscience, ask an adult to sit through the Minions or some other hell. 

Then I had the first of two brainwaves. 

The toy store from which I had made a list provides great opening hours exactly for stressed and beleaguered parents like us in which to complete their Santa shopping. 

I considered asking a relative to stay with the boys who would be all ready for bed if not actually in it, so we could complete our Santy duty in one fell swoop.

But that would involve asking Mister Husband who would have put in a 10 hour day, to trek with me to a quite possibly heaving toy store.   

Maybe problem not solved after all. 

I sat down to see what the opening hours were, nonetheless and it was during my googling I saw this!

Problem solved.  And we get to keep all the relatives.

Win win!

So yes, I am that smug person who has made a start on the Santy shopping and intend to finish it by the weekend.

Online shopping – I think I love you!

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