Friday 22 January 2016

I Love Wine and I Cannot Lie

I like wine.  I make no secret of the fact.  I've spoken about it here, and this one.  Oh, look here’s anotherAnd one more.

It is of great comfort to me.   I enjoy it, see?   Once upon a time I did not.  It reminded me of vinegar and I would twist up my face like a five-year-old tasting broccoli.  Your palette changes as you get older.  You lose your fondness for chocolate and chewy, pink fizzy sweets; instead preferring to eat fruit or a proper dinner.

Similarly, with wine I turned my back on beer in favour of it. 

When l am being pushed to the limit with things at home, I will go to the fridge just to look at it.  Depending on how bad things are, this could be 4pm or it could be 4.15pm. 

It talks to me, see?  Tells me to hang on in there.   That we can be together later.  In peace and quiet.   Sometimes, I swear, it even winks at me.  Seductively.

I love wine. 

This week I discovered Dot.  I like Dot.  She sounds like she would be great fun.  I think I would get on with Dot.


Dot is probably married to Bill though.  Bill sounds like a smug fucker (but I do like his indicator advice) so maybe that’s why Dot drinks wine. 

My kids often draw me cards in school for Mother’s Day and Valentines.  They always draw a glass of wine on it somewhere.   (Maybe I should be worried) Once I got a card with a whole bottle drawn on the inside.   It was open to allow it to breathe and everything. 

It made me laugh and laugh.

This week one of my boys drew me a picture after we had yet another barney.  I hid my upset from him but when he came home later that evening he went straight over to me, gave me a hug and whispered, “I’m sorry for………” what he did in my ear.  When I was going to bed I discovered a beautiful picture on my pillow. 

A glass of wine.  And a note telling me to read the message on the back.  It said.  “Because I know you like wine.”

I framed it. 

I love it. 

This week someone reached out to me via email.  It was a company.  I often get messages from PR companies looking to know would I be interested in featuring their products on my blog.  Shopping bags, baby products, the odd beauty item and once a constipation remedy.   This company have created a series of hangover cure helper videos. (Whatever they are.  Helper videos that is, not hangovers.)   They would love to have me on board having discovered my blog.

Looking at the evidence spread out in front of me like that, it’s kind of obvious that wine plays a big part in my life.

Maybe I should be concerned?  Maybe I should try to not drink the glasses of wine on the weekends.  And sometimes Thursdays.  The odd Wednesday.  And Monday.  If there’s a drop left from Sunday night.  If!

Maybe I should have a dry February instead of a Dry January.

Maybe I should…………………..oh look!  Is that wine?

I write this post with my tongue firmly stuck in my cheek.  I do realise the negative impact alcohol has on many people.   I do not promote nor do I condone excessive drinking under any circumstances.  But we’ve all done it.  I like to think I know my limit.  Shane McCully was a guest speaker on The Anton Savage Show recently.  A young man who is days away from his first year being completely drink free, put it succinctly with the words, “Here in Ireland alcohol surrounds everything – it’s how we mourn, it’s how we celebrate.  It’s just the entirety of our social circles.” 

Alcohol is there.  It always will be.  Some of us can handle it, some of us can’t.  Alcoholism is a disease like any other.   

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