Monday 15 September 2014

For an Easy Life

I QUITE like things that make my life easier, a little prettier and a little less problematic.

Oven chips and chicken nuggets for dinner on Friday for example.  Catrice nail varnish in Penneys for that injection of prettiness and Mister Husband doing the 1.30pm school run for me.

Another example would be when Smallest Boy sees a stupid magazine that costs a fiver and he zones in on it.  Purely for the stupid piece of brightly coloured plastic sellotaped to the front.

Actual stupid piece of plastic

“Not today” is greeted with the beginnings of a very loud public protest.  To hell with mixed messages.  After all I didn’t say which day he could have it – just not that day – and today is as good a day as any so I give in.

Magazine that was never opened

“Go one then.  And don’t tell the others.”

“Okay, Mammy.  Thanks, Mammy.”  Sparkly milk teeth and a dimpled smile flash at me. My 
heart melts.  My gorgeous boy.

“Wine, Mammy?  You want to buy some wine?”

“Don’t mind if I do.” and we both toddle out of the supermarket with our treats.

See?  An easy life with one less problem.  Wine will do that.  Every time.

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