Friday 26 September 2014


I AM no stranger to relapse.  I’ve suffered many.

A running relapse where I run for 3 weeks and take the next 5 off.  Completely undoing all of my good work in the process.

A shouting relapse where I try very very hard for the eleventy millionth time not to shout at the kids.  I’m cruising along, nodding and agreeing with everything they say and then bam! 
One of them fires something at me and it almost takes the eye out of my head.  The dog runs for cover under the table and the boys’ expressions range from smirking to sullen as the shouting commences.

The sugar relapse where I try half-heartedly to ignore the opened packet of treats in the press.  I last about two hours before I devour them.

Then there’s the potty training relapse.  My first one.  Just to clarify – I am not the nappy wearer, it is my three and a half year old.  Just in case you didn’t know that.

It is my first nappy relapse and I don’t quite know what to make of it.  I’ve read about this and I admit to feeling a little smug, confident such a thing would not happen to me.  So when it did I was totally and utterly clueless about how to deal with it.  And I had chucked the magazine. 

Smallest Boy nailed his wee wee’s in a matter of hours.  Hours I tell you.  He’s great at it and thoroughly delighted with himself.   This week he used several toilets because the potty was in the car.  Everyone in all of the shops got to hear about this.  He even looked for a high five from a confused older lady.

Then he went two days without doing a poo.  I will refrain from regaling you with regular elimination habits but prior to Pottygate you could have set your watch by this child.
Poo’s won’t work in the potty or the toilet.  They just won’t.   

Now, we’re back to the nappies albeit for a very short period of time every 36 hours or so until elimination happens.  Oh, and they have to have a caiman on the front of them.

Not the red sports car pull ups I bought.  Not the cute little ones with hedgehogs on them.  

The Lidl ones with a caiman on the front.  Only they will do work.

What was I saying the last time?  Oh yes. 

Dear Múinteoir, please excuse Smallest Boy and his nappies.  He does not have incontinence issues nor is there an undiagnosed bowel problem.  He just likes his waste catcher.  You might like to take him in hand because I’ve given up.


  1. Noooooo!!! We had a few days of poo lapses...not good!! Had to resort to a treat for each poo safely delivered in the toilet, he was quick to get back on track but it would be cheaper to go on buying nappies than having to replenish the sweet stock everyday!!
    Hope it's just a hiccup for ye....we'll have to hold out on the nappy party for a bit longer!

    1. I know! I thought, with him being the fourth and all, I'd be laughing. Hah! Looks like the laugh is on me! Ah well.

  2. This too will pass. No pun intended. Don't think of it as a relapse he is still learning to go is all. My two cents, if pull-up is what he needs then just go with it, fuss free, but maybe encourage him to put the pull-up on himself when he needs to go. Like leave them in easy reach so it is as hassle and stress free as possible.

    1. Yes, I like the sound of stress and hassle free! Maybe this time, THIS christmas, will see the last of the nappies in this house. A whole year behind schedule. See, his older brothers trained much earlier so of course I had high hopes for this guy.

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