Monday 8 September 2014

Small Beginnings

WHEN we go to the swimming pool there are many, many sports bags. 

I need to remind them every time I stop the car but at last they are pretty good at bringing their bags into the house when we get home.

Then they dump them inside the bathroom door for me to unpack and sort out.

That’s okay.  That’s allowed.  Small beginnings lead to great ends.

Soooooooo, I have decided to extend this further and encourage them to help me do the same thing with the grocery shop.

And to get the bags further than the bathroom.

There was a small haul this afternoon, for some essential provisions.  I parked the car and this is what transpired.

“Right!  I want each of you to take a bag into the house please.”

What?  But there’s shopping in there.  Heavy shopping.”

“Yeah.  That one has tins in it.  That’s too heavy for me.”

“Just take something you are able to carry.  That’s all.”

Of course I meant for them to pick a small bag of light, non-breakables.  I should have been clearer.

Oldest Boy grabbed the pack of toilet rolls.  Shy Boy went for a bottle of orange juice. 

Both items taken from full bags of groceries.

Small beginnings lead to great ends.  Did I say that already?   

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