Thursday 24 March 2016

Thursday Thoughts

I had separate posts written for each of these meanderings but even I was bored to tears so I condensed them down into a quick read instead.

Easter SundayFor the love of Christ please think of the children.  A recent report has claimed that Irish children will consume more than 1.5 million eggs this weekend.   That at the very least each child will receive two eggs with the most being a whopping ten to fifteen eggs each.
That’s insane.  So instead consider giving some of the following:   a cinema voucher, a book token, a day trip to a park or the zoo, a swim, their favourite magazine or an Easter camp.  Believe me, their parents will really thank you for it!

Anti-biotics.   Or as Smallest Boy calls them “antic biotics.”  They rock.  They really do.  I did not give him his “antic biotic” lightly.  On the doc’s recommendation I was to wait “a day or two” then I’ll know if it’s a bacterial infection rather than viral.   In other words, if he continues to complain about pain in his ears, lash the stuff into him.    I did.   Night sweats coupled with a spiking temp and scary ass hallucinations are not fun!    He’s right as rain now.  In fact, he was “extremely half better” within 12 hours of the first dose. 

Opinions.  On parenting that is.  My news feed seems to be a bit clogged with articles these days.  I enjoy a good parenting article but sometimes I’ll get halfway through and realise it’s not the article I thought it was and I’ll jump onto the comments.    Sometimes these can be quite entertaining.  Sometimes, indeed oftentimes, they can hold more merit than the article itself.    They can be eye opening in an eye watering disbelieving kind of way.   Sometimes I wonder what sensitivities and insecurities the articles have roused in some readers to make them comment so vociferously.  

But I always, always try to remember that most of these articles are exactly that; someone’s opinion.

Just like this one. 

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