Friday 13 May 2016

219 Colouring Pencils
This blog post is about colouring pencils.   I’ll speak briefly about pencil sharpeners also but it’s primarily a post about the colouring pencils.

At the beginning of each school year I buy approximately 219 colouring pencils.    My first mistake might be refusing to buy a well-known brand due to how much it would cost.  Also enough of them end up in my boys' pencil cases to know these things go missing on the first day of school so I’m not wasting my money that way.  Instead I  pick up the pound shop pencils, supermarket own brand ones, that kind of thing.  Some might say, wasting my money another way.  Some might be right.

And at the almost end of each school year, round about now, those colouring pencils are whittled down to approximately three and a half.  

With both ends sharpened into a dangerous little point.   They get binned.

This evening I found a rogue pencil case absolutely filled to stuffing point with colouring pencils. 

They were all blunt.


I now have a blister on the third finger of my right hand from sharpening 73 of them.   The other 43 were binned as the nib fell out of them all on the sixth sharpen.

I am a broken woman.

So if anyone can recommend decent colouring pencils for the school year 2016/17 that won’t see me having to take out a second mortgage, I’d be mighty grateful.

Oh and also one of those fancy dancy electric pencil sharpener things that does all of the work for you.     

Please and thanks!

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