Saturday 7 May 2016

Less Talk More Action

This weekend saw the fruition of two major events come to pass.    For the tenth year, Pieta House celebrated their annual walk, Darkness into Light, where more than 150,000 people took part in over 90 different Irish locations.   It was marked internationally in cities like Toronto, Sydney and Abu Dhabi.   Pieta House provides free counselling to those who have been affected by suicide or who are having suicidal thoughts.  90% of their income comes from fundraising events such as this morning’s walk. 

In a week where the government thought it best to move €12 million allocated to the mental health services to other areas of the executive.

The other event is perhaps a little less known.  Businessman David McGowan succeeded in his quest to bring a decommissioned Boeing 767 from Shannon airport to its final destination of Enniscrone, Co. Sligo where it will assume pride of place in the alternative transport themed glamping village.  He encountered many obstacles along the way but did not allow this to dampen his spirit or enthusiasm and with the help of several interested, unaffiliated parties, today is the day his dream has been realised. 

Both of these events have taken place without the help, aid or assistance from a government who spent the last 70 days deciding who our next Taoiseach would be.

The irony surely, can’t be lost here.

It seems to me, as I looked around this morning at the 1700+ strong crowd at my hometowns first Darkness into Light and at the Facebook pictures that are still uploading, all it takes is strength, determination, kindness, interest and sheer grit to get the job done.
Both undertakings were organised and completed by ordinary people.  People who live in this country.  People who do not have huge resources behind them.  Today our true spirit and worth was shown.    A little less talking and a little more action I think.

Our government could take note. 

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  1. People are brilliant aren't they. We criticise ourselves a lot here in Ireland I thin, but really, people are mostly fantastic.