Friday 1 March 2013

Like and Share

I’ve never won anything in my life.  Oh wait, I did.  I won an Easter hamper full of chocolate years ago for a poem I wrote.  And some pedicure yoke from a magazine during the summer.  That’s still under the stairs.   And a Marian Keyes cook book. And then nothing.  For the longest time.  And then……….

I won a dress!  I won a lovely, lovely dress purely by chance.

Unfortunately I am not that tall or lithe.  I do, however, share her hair colour.   

In a certain light.

All I had to do was Like and Share a page on Facebook.  So I liked and I shared with a few people and then forgot about it.  As you do.  Until I logged on one night and there it was.   

My name was flashing at me on the screen and the word winner was in front of it.

Holy Ingénue London Cinoche Dress Batman!!

I didn’t pay any attention at first.  I am well used to seeing “Winner” on the lotto machine whenever I check my ticket except “winner” is always preceded by “not a.”   I want to spit at the machine and say, “Boo to you!  My kids think I am a winner.  So there!”

So I almost missed it that night. 

And then I saw the picture of the lovely, lovely dress and I remembered.  And it clicked with me.  I had won something.  I had won a dress. 

Yee haw!

“I didn’t think that worked.”  “I thought that was just a scam.” “Is that all you had to do?”

Some of the comments afterwards. 

“Yes, it does work.  I am proof of that.”  “It most definitely is not a scam.”  And “Yep.  That is all you have to do,” were my responses. 

The next day when I logged onto Facebook, I was bombarded with page shares for horse blankets and jewellery.  Neither of which I am interested in but people are kilt sharing them with me hoping that some of my recent good luck will rub off on them.

I hope it will, I really do. 

I hadn’t even received my dress and I went straight out and bought the shoes to go with it.

Keep in mind that I have not worn high heels for about 7 years, so this is a big step (geddit?) for me. 

I have several pairs of heels in my possession but none of them fit me properly anymore.  And the even curiouser thing is the new heels I treated myself to, fit perfectly well and comfortably and they are the same size 5 as the stubborn ones at home.  The ones that are well worn and down at heel but still refuse to fit me. 

I want some of the clothes manufactures out there to come up with an in between size.  You know, like a size 11 or a size 13 for when you’re having a bloated day or are when the 12 is too tight but the 14 is just too damn big. 

Come one, make us some middle sizes!  Same with shoes.  I believe there are some people out there with one foot a half size larger than the other. 


Joke!  Sheesh!

P.S.  I haven’t actually worn the dress yet.  When I entered the competition, I promised them I would blog the crap out of it.  I said I would take pictures of me wearing it doing the hoovering, the washing up and even at the clothes line. 

I drew the line at wearing it to bed.

But I have worn the heels.  Several times.  They are lovely.  Funnily enough, I wore them doing the hoovering and the washing up.  But not at the clothes line.  Does the hot press count?  I had a few little jobs to do that night before I took them on their first outing.

Technically speaking, I was breaking them in.  

Ok, here is a picture of me sitting down in the dress.  Happy now?


  1. I saw this the other day and didn't get to comment. Wow, it's stunning, and way nicer on a real woman than a stick insect!Delighted for you and mad jealous of the shoes, with the red soles... Louboutin love! xx

    1. Thanks, Niamh! The shoes are a tad Lou-eee, aren't they? Wouldja believe they cost me only 20 euros??? And I can actually walk in them. Bonus!!

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