Monday 11 March 2013

Monday with Pictures. Pull the Other One

What do you do when the two hands for two kids school of thought doesn’t apply to you?

Or me, in this case.

What happens when you decide to carry the child and leave the buggy in the car because you are just outside the shop?   

At the time it made sense.  Opening the boot, hauling out the buggy, flipping it into upright position and then strapping him in seemed like a lot of unnecessary work when I was only going in for something small.

*Says she the day she went into Penney’s for some socks for the boys and spent €37*

I bought my something small but only after a nerve wracking ten minutes or so, sequestered in amongst Belleek China and other such breakables with Smallest Boy and Lovely Liam who just had to touch everything and ask if I liked it.

Nice to touch, nice to hold.  If you break it, consider it sold.  Have you ever seen those signs in shops?  They make me break out in a sweat!

Time to leave before they did break something.  Even if it was a horrible dancing lady, it was the shop’s horrible dancing lady.

On the way out I got distracted myself and ended up having a look at the children’s’ clothes.   
Another bag to carry. 

So walking across Shaw’s car park the other day, I had in one hand, Smallest Boy and in the other, my handbag and two paper bags from the shop.

What was I to do with Lovely Liam who has a tendency to just run for it?

I held out the hand with all the shopping bags and asked him to hold my finger.

The only bit of me available to hold.

He took it after a fashion.

And then he said, “If I pull this, Mammy, are you going to fart?”

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