Friday 6 February 2015

Lonesome for Lidl

I’VE BEEN LONESOME for lots of things during my four decades.  A fine example would be Butler’s cappuccinos when I left Dublin.  My GHD was another when it fell to the floor, smashed and the irons fell out.  My hair when it was cut too short.  Several books when I finished reading them.  Come on, I know I’m not the only person who feels this way.  I miss the summer when the kids go back to school.   I have very fond memories of a Covergirl eye shadow back in the day called “Mushroom.”  ‘Twas perfect.     I still miss our old Ford Galaxy.

Well, now I miss Lidl.

I miss it so much.   I was almost reduced to tears when one of the boys asked on the school run, could we get a treat in Lidl.  And then he went, “oh, yeah.”  I thought he was going to cry too. It actually pains me to hear the Weekly Specials advertised on the radio.

See, our local Lidl is getting a massive facelift.  It has been razed to the ground and the nearest store at the moment is a twenty minute drive away.  This is grand for the weekend but not at all suitable or practical during the week.

However, the foundations are poured and I believe it is just a matter of adding water now and the rest of it will grow.  Up, up and up.  It might take another four months before it reaches maturity but then we will have our Lidl back.

We will be able to pop in for an after school treat.  I can buy those lovely coffee pods again.  Little butty bottles of beer anyone?  Punnets of raspberries that Smallest Boy loves so much.  Milk that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune as we still haven’t managed to purchase a herd of cows.   Same goes for that pig that keeps on giving all of the ham. Amongst a horde of other stuff.

I will be able to go for the mid-week necessities like milk, carrots, bread and marshmallows for hot chocolates without spending a fortune.  Note to self:  Just bring enough money for those items in the other supermarket.

I won’t be sitting in crazy traffic for ages, getting more and more frustrated with a set of lights that allows just five seconds before changing.  Because my precious Lidl is on the way home minus the inconvenience of lights.

I will be able to park properly again. I never underestimate the joy and ease of parking in a decent parking lot.  My idea of a good time is not driving around three or more times looking for a parking space big enough to accommodate our family car.  Similarly it’s no fun trying to reverse an eight seater out of a tight spot. No fun at all.  Except for the people watching of course.  Also climbing into the passenger seat in order to exit my car because there is precisely a hairs width of space between the door of my vehicle and the one next to me.  Again, much hilarity for anyone watching.   

Twice this week I did without rather than face The Other Supermarket.  I admit defeat.  I am broken by it.  Absolutely broken.

Oh yes, I miss Lidl.  At least we are promised a bigger and better store when it does open at the end of May. 

I for one, cannot wait.


  1. I know!! I nearly fell out of the car when I spotted it was *gone* GASP! I wouldn't know what to do if ours disappeared... Our shopping is expensive as is, it would be simply colossal if we didn't have a Lidl ...

    1. I know Emily! It's an absolute disaster! However, they are flying along with the new build and I cannot wait for it. I'm more excited about that than I was over our own house.

  2. We shop at Aldi. In and out twice a week in less that fifteen mins. Gosh I dunno what I would do without it. May is just kinda just around the corner. Hold tight 😉

    1. Both stores are great, Kellie. I'd love an Aldi near us too. Shake it up even a little bit more!

  3. We shop at Aldi. In and out twice a week in less that fifteen mins. Gosh I dunno what I would do without it. May is just kinda just around the corner. Hold tight 😉