Saturday 7 February 2015

Make'n Poo!

A recipe book with a difference!
“IS THERE SCHOOL tomorrow?” Lovely Liam asked last evening at 7pm ish.

I contemplated my answer.  His breath may be warm and sweet but I did not want it on my face at 6.30am Saturday morning, telling me “I might be a bit hungry.”

So I lied and told him yes, there is school in the morning.

It worked.  He stayed in his bed until 8am but Smallest Boy did not.

He obviously didn’t hear me or care that there was *supposed to be* school in the morning.  He woke yelling for me at precisely 5.26am.

I know! 

For fuck sake. 

It’s Saturday.  For fuck sake.

I took him downstairs, shut the door to the living room, put Clifford The Big Red Fucking Dog on Netflix and plonked him onto the couch to watch it. 

I lay in the armchair the other side of the room and promptly fell back asleep.

“I’m hungry” was whispered into my face at 7.30am and I hauled my sleepy arse up and off to make him Weetabix.

It wasn’t too bad though.  I took the dog out for a glorious run and was back in the house before 9am.

I also managed to complete the weekly shop by myself and was home in plenty of time for Lovely Liam to go to gymnastics.

The afternoon was spent trying to get Smallest Boy to take a nap.  He wasn’t a bit interested until a game with the dog earned him a little nip on his hand.  There were some tears before he curled up on the armchair. The same one I slept in this morning and this happened in under five seconds.

I’ll give him an hour.  No more and no less.

I sat down to write this blog post and then I entered a competition to win a lovely dress from Rock Frocks.  Imelda May shops there you know.  See here if you fancy entering yourself.  
The closing date 10th February. 

I made some meringues for dessert tomorrow and Iarla made some poo. As you do. 

 From this book. 

Here are the instructions and the recipe if you fancy making some yourself. 

It was a pretty productive day in the end.  And the best part is yet to come.  A nice bottle of white wine.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you haven’t already, make sure you do something nice for yourself.


  1. OMG Gwen, that poem/song is brilliant! You have to win!! Did she just paint the meringue? or is it something else, looks gas!!

    1. Yes, I DO have to win. I completely agree. The meringue was for eating - forgot to put up a photo - and the poo was for em, playing with? I suppose.

  2. The poo is simply brilliant. I think Naomi needs to add this to her current list of science class topics!! Must have been something about early waking this week... Grrrrrrrrr