Friday 13 February 2015

Valentine Farce

Valentine’s Day was the pox for me in school.  I hated it.  I don’t know why I felt its non- worth so much; probably because even at 42 years young I still have not received a secret Valentine’s Day card in the post. 

I’m so over it now.

No, really.

Really I am.  Honestly.

Now that I am older and somewhat wiser, I have come to recognise it’s a load of old tosh and one big mad marketing gimmick.

It is!

No, really it is.

I would much rather a surprise bottle of wine mid-week a few times a month, over a lavish dinner, bunch of flowers and Belgian chocolate once a year because the calendar dictates it.

I would.

No, really.   

Today I had the chance to pick up a few bits all by myself and I happened to notice lots of menfolk, of varying ages, doing their Valentine’s Day shopping.

Boxes of Thornton’s chocolates were just €6 in Tesco’s.  The boyos were snapping them up.

Stingy fuckers.

At €6, I’d expect one of those a week!  Why wait till Valentine’s Day?

Another chap in Easons was paying for a teddy bear almost as tall as he was.  Ok, he could have had a small daughter and it was a gift for her, but I highly doubt it. 

A fekin teddy bear for several tens of euros? 

I’ll have the money please.

I wanted to stop into Penneys on the way home but Smallest Boy wasn’t keen so I was spared from watching the thongs and naughty underwear being snapped up.

However, I did happen upon an excellent idea today courtesy of Sara from Where is My Mind Gone?

She went and did something nice something nice for herself for Valentine’s Day.  Just for herself.  Because she’s worth it you see.

And so are you.

So tomorrow is Hallmark Day Valentine’s Day.  Go out there and treat yourself for a change.  Don’t wait for your partner or kids to do it for you.

Not that they should.

Not that they shouldn’t either I hasten to add

But I definitely think you should do it for yourself.  After all if you don’t think you’re worth it, no-one else will!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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