Monday 11 May 2015

Fuaimeanna agus Focail (Fuming and Effing)

Sounds like something else I'd like to say!
Today I decided to do something I had been putting off for the last two weeks; buy the school books.  For next year.

Yes, I know.  We’re not finished this educational year yet and I’ve got next year’s hardbacks already boxed and waiting for collection in the shop.

We get our school booklist early.  It’s great and it’s horrible.  Especially when school tours are around the corner (I forked out €71 for three school tours) and our school are also looking for pre-requisites to be paid in full before they break up for their summer holidays on 28th June.  (Pre-requisites times three makes €232)

For those who are not familiar with pre-requisites (or other requirements) these include worksheets and photocopying, arts and crafts, some book rentals, and other miscellaneous items.

And that’s before I buy so much as a Pritt stick, an eraser, a shoe or a red school jumper.  

Oh did I mention that my Junior Infant came home a couple of weeks back minus his sports top?  His brand new sports top?  He is head, shoulders and chest above every other child in his class and wore an age 8.  I bought his older brother a new one instead and now my Junior Infant is wearing an age 9.  With his name written in Tippex on the front and back.   On the outside. Over the school crest.  (€23.  Not rounding up)

Which is why I decided to get the school books before I began to cry at the absolute expense of it all.

I clicked onto the website of my choosing and added the various books for the three classes to my online basket.  I was buying books only.  Copies and pencils and scrapbooks will be purchased at a later date.  Possibly the week before they go back to school.

The school books set me back €147 (rounding up) which, see above, is a great deal less than the pre-requisites.  I was delighted with myself because I made a saving of almost €18 (again, rounding up) by opting not to have them covered in store at the knockdown price of 0.95c a book.

Yes.  Per book. 

Like each.

Then I remembered how absolute crap I am with a roll of sticky book covering stuff and gulped.  I threw a “Help” SOS onto Facebook and was met with various options, none of which suited me because the lady had already called and said the books were ready for collection, so I couldn’t go elsewhere for free covering and/or free delivery.

It’s hard to believe this is not my first time buying school books or indeed anything on-line.  I shouldn’t be allowed on tinternet alone.

Then someone suggested that I use the covers on this year’s books.  Without having seen the covers on my kids’ books. 

I may or may not have mentioned previously how manky boys can be.  Affectionate?  Yes.  Cheeky? Usually.  Manky? Always.

Most of the current book covers could quite easily be used as cheese graters such is the state of them. 

There will be lots of baby wipes used and I might treat the iron to its annual outing to melt out all of the punctures holes from pencils.

*actually that might work.  Have I invented a school savings hack?*

In the same way I find tweezing the grey hairs out of my head therapeutic I have a sister who likes messing about with sticky book covering stuff.  I might have a word with her.

Either that or just use wallpaper. 

Remember covering your books with that?  You were posh if you had plastic covers in those days.

I really feel I should add a disclaimer at the end.  We are very happy with the school.  Our boys are very happy there.    I understand and accept that someone somewhere has to pay for paper and insurance and floor cleaner for the schools.  It’s just such a pity the state won’t do something more to address the cost of education.     


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