Monday 17 June 2013

A Mini BBQ for Fathers Day

“Happy Father’s Day,” I greeted Mister Husband as he came down the stairs Sunday morning.

“I’m not your father,” was his response.

True, but nonetheless I thought it might be nice to mark the day with a mini BBQ.  

We don’t “do” Hallmark Days in our house, but it’s an unspoken agreement a lie on and a couple of hours peace and quiet is the best gift going.

So I took the boys off to do the grocery shopping leaving Mister Husband to sit back, relax and enjoy his current comedy favourite, The Big Bang Theory.

As Lovely Liam had been asking for sausages all week I decided to kill two birds with the one stone.  I couldn’t resist some tasty looking Glensallagh sausages from Lidl and I chose Irish pork with spring onion and Irish steak with cracked black pepper.

The BBQ was one I bought for last summer’s holidays but was never used. It languished in the press ever since and today I pulled it out.

The novelty of a mini BBQ was huge.  But the boys lost interest pretty quickly once the flames went out and the smoke started to billow.  To be honest I was almost losing interest myself as it looked like the BBQ just might not work.

Half of the charred wax paper flapped in the wind as one quarter of the charcoal slowly turned the correct shade of grey.

Everything else remained black.

I persevered as those sausages looked too good to be cooked indoors.

After a bit of shaking and some tapping, forty minutes later, we were ready to rock ‘n roll. 

Never let it be said that a woman can’t get a BBQ started, disposable one or not.

I laid six plump sausages on the hot grid.

It took a further twenty minutes for the sausages to cook and they were devoured in under 6.

All in all it was a lovely lunch, topped off with bowls of double chocolate chip ice-cream.

Disposable BBQ Pros

  • ·        It’s disposable.
  • ·        Who doesn’t like eating outside.
  • ·        Novelty value is huge.
  • ·        Perfect for a picnic.
  • ·        Cheap and cheerful.
  • ·        Little or no washing up.

Disposable BBQ Cons

  • ·        It’s disposable.
  • ·        Fiddly enough.  Needs a flat, fire resistant surface.
  • ·        Depending on direction of wind, it can take a while before it is ready for use.
  • ·        Supervision is paramount.  Particularly when there are children present.
  • ·        Suitable only for a small gathering.  

It’s a great little summer must have and I think I will definitely use one again.  


  1. I love how long it takes to BBQ and then how quickly it's eaten - it's ridiculous really but addictive. We sometimes oook indoors and eat outdoors and tell the kids it's still a BBQ. The more usual one with our weather is cooking outdoors and eating indoors!

    1. Now that's something to take on board!!! My lot would love to have a picnic meal. Actually, I tried that last Summer. "I'm not eating THAT!" "Is that BROCCOLLI??????" They didn't eat it and it WAS brocolli.

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