Friday 21 June 2013


So Mister Husband is currently addicted to watching an American comedy called The Big Bang Theory.

It’s very Friends like altogether with the whole chummy living across the hallway from each other type set up. 

I’m not up to date with all of their names yet but one character stands out due to his extreme eccentricity and non-conventional bordering on OCD ways.

His name is Sheldon and the boys love him.  For someone who speaks like he has swallowed a physicist’s dictionary and whose facial expression rarely changes, they think he’s funny.

But maybe that’s why.

The other morning Shy Boy grabbed the remote control and expertly navigated his way around our terribly complicated TV menu to find The Big Bang Theory and settled back to watch some Sheldon all before 7am.

Last week Oldest Boy thought he saw Penny from the show in the Topaz filling station.

I’m not wild about them watching this sitcom.  It’s a little grown up for them and although they don’t understand the humour, the content goes in nevertheless. 

But Sheldon did me a favour one day.

One of the things I find really really annoying when I am sitting in the car at the school gate with them is as soon as the car stops, they pop open their belts. 

Our car is a seven seater with the seat behind mine taken out to create extra space for school bags, swimming gear, groceries and the like. 

A great idea.  But it also means there is enough room for two of them to walk around in the back and like magnets, they are drawn to my seat. 

It gets elbowed, kicked, thumped and bumped and all of my pleas for them to stop go unheeded. 

This day I had an epiphany. 

I turned round slowly and in a normal voice I asked them, “Do you know the way Sheldon doesn’t like it when someone sits in his seat?”

It’s one of his many many idiosyncrasies.

Their eyes lit up immediately.  I’d made the first part of an important connection.

“Yeah, he really doesn’t like it.  It’s kinda funny.”

“Well, I really don’t like it when someone keeps hitting the back of my seat.”

The second part of an important connection.

I swear, understanding passed, frizzled, between them. 

I have spent the last three years sitting at that school of a morning begging, threatening them to stop at my seat and all it took was a little Sheldon comparison.

As the man Sheldon himself would say, “Bazinga!”


  1. Haha! My little one is watching The Big Bang since she was at least 1. She watches it every night with her dad now.

  2. oooh smart, I like it! We've not graduated from cartoons yet, but I find saying "OK me hearties,let's get into Buggy and head up the stairs to Neverland with some pixiedust" works better than plain old "time for bed" :)