Friday 7 June 2013

Ireland's Mini Heat Wave

What a week!  It is the seventh day in June.  The weather is typically glorious purely because the state exams have begun and will continue for the rest of the month.

I believe there are only two years out of the last 23 when this did not happen. 

Last summer being the most recent.  Who remembers last summer?

Abysmal.  Crops failed and everything.

It’s looking pretty good at the moment.  In fact, we have had 5 days of continuous sunshine.   
Some are saying enjoy it while it lasts; this is our 5 day summer. 

The sun is beating down.  The kids are wearing shorts to school. My feet have heat rash.  There is hay fever in the house.  The kids won’t eat anything I have cooked because it is too hot to eat.  They are spending a lot of time outside playing.  I am spending a lot of time lying in wait as they try to sneak out of the house with filled bottles of water.

They are sleeping really well at night.   

It’s a total pain applying sun block and then having to bath them each and every night to remove sticky dust and dirt from their skins.

The fact that they are not eating much during the day means as sure as eggs are eggs, once it is time for bed, cries of “I’m hungry” start up.

Another total pain in the bum.

And yet, not one person has complained it is too hot and a bit of rain would be lovely. 

I admit to needing a siesta most days though. 

There is unadulterated joy at having the windows open and a breeze kissing my face when I reach the top of the landing.  The decadence of leaving them open at night. 

The kids sleeping in short sleeves and bare legs. 

Ice cream, fruit, smoothies and sandwiches for mealtimes.

A refreshing, soothing dip in the swimming pool this evening.    

The one and only downside of this fabulous weather was this morning.  I stepped on the scales and was promptly told I gained four and a half pounds this week.

Honestly no idea how.  I’ve been running regularly, there were no heavy meals and lots of fluids.

Utterly disgusted I sat down to strap on my sandals.  They refused to fit.  No amount of tugging and pulling worked.  I had to open them and release each strap by two notches.

Water retention.  Bah!  Fat, flat feet.  What a combo.

On the upside, I will be four and a half pounds lighter next week.

Quite possibly in the rain. 

That’s Ireland and her mini-heat waves for ya!

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