Friday 2 August 2013

The Dog Has A Crush On Me

Our Juno at 6 weeks old

The dog has a crush on me.  I have shamelessly used the expression “puppy dog eyes” before but now I know the real meaning.

I will not use it lightly again.

Smallest Boy walked over to Mister Husband the other night, grabbed his leg as is his wont, but then he proceeded to hump it.

Because that is what he has seen Our Juno do to me, countless times, over the last week.

I go to the bathroom and if I neglect to close the door behind me, a black snout nudges it open and in she comes, to rest her head on my thigh and gaze up at me adoringly. 

Most disconcerting considering the circumstances.

When I take Smallest Boy upstairs for his nap, Juno is spread eagled at the bottom of it, awaiting my descent; her eyes cast heavenward.  She will lick my feet when I reach the bottom step.

I have walked out of a room to find her on her way in looking for me, and I end up with her head, literally, between my legs.

She thinks nothing of jumping up on me as I sit at the computer to lick my face, nudging my arms until I give in and pat her. 

When I do pat and make a fuss of her, her tail wags so fast, it is a blur and she literally grins from ear to ear.   

The other evening, Oldest Boy came over to me as I sat at the computer and he put his arm around me.  I in turn put my arm around him.  Our heads were close as we looked at his favourite Facebook page; the one that fucking loves science.

Juno jumped up onto the chair behind us, stuck her head between ours and very deliberately and without doubt, proceeded to nudge Oldest Boy away from me.

And all because she spent a week in the boarding kennels while we were on our holidays by the sea.

On second thoughts, maybe it’s not a crush she has on me.  Maybe it’s her idea of revenge.

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