Friday 30 August 2013

We Made It!

First week back in school and we made it to the other side.

Oh, alright, then.  The first two days back at school.

But they are the most important ones. 

I only had to wake them up the first morning.  There wasn’t too much of a panic.

Pancakes for breakfast.

No objections about having to wear scratchy clothes, warm socks and tight, new shoes.   

No tears. 

From anyone.  Although there was a dodgy moment in the school yard when Shy Boy refused to get out of the car because his bestie hadn’t arrived yet.

They went in smiling and exited pretty much the same way.

I didn’t do too badly either.  I remembered to pick them up, didn’t forget to pack lunches, new books and water bottles.  I didn’t get the bags mixed up. 

I did, however, purchase the wrong Maths book for Shy Boy.

Oldest Boy came home looking for additional materials like a red pen, a picture of him “not as a baby” and a copy book.

He only went in with about 8 of them.

They ate non-stop when they got home the first day and slept like logs that night.

There were no sudden shocks at having to return the next day.

Oldest Boy spoke of a friend having “moved to America” and how he is “never, ever going to see her again.”

Shy Boy spoke of what he wanted for his dinner.

They were wrecked but happy.

And now it’s the weekend.

We made it!

How did you get on?


  1. I didn't have any - other than nightmares, seriously.. that I had to leave my girl at school, I lied to her as she cried, telling her that I'd go and get her some tea and be right back... when they finally went in, I realised I didn't even pack her lunch. I was so worried the entire time, trying to peek into the classroom windows... oh dear.

  2. Glad you got to have the pancakes!
    My eldest went into senior infants and has the same teacher, same class and same classroom, but the poor thing was in tears this morning because they now line up and come out a different door...It takes her a little time to adjust to every change no matter how small but we made it through the first two days in one piece!

  3. Oh no Erin! Hate anxiety dreams!!!!

  4. Office Mum, a very wise lady said to me this very evening, "little changes are actually huge!" I've an "armsy" like that too!!!!